Google ending Eclipse support for Android Studio

Google ending Eclipse support for Android Studio

Android Studio

Google wants Android Studio to be the official integrated development environment for the Android operating system.  The company announced with the release of Android Studio 2.2 that the IDE will no longer support the Eclipse Android Developer tools.  Eclipse has been used for all of the past few years bringing the Android operating system to all it has taken over the market share.

Android Studio Features

The main features include improvements to the instant run iteration engine, a new user interface designer, a new layout engine, support for C++, an APK analyzer along with additional tools for debugging.  The Android Studio is an excellent developers toolkit that gets anyone to quickly get their products to market.

Eclipse compared to Android Studio

Drag and drop GUI designer on both tools is weak at best with incorrect layouts affecting the underlying code. A developer does not have the luxury of using a Rad studio to complete their tasks in a timely fashion.   Code Completion is another feature that Android Studio performs much better where Eclipse sometimes completes with incorrect information.  The gradle intergation also is much superior under Android Studio without that waiting build period that affects Eclipse.

The  Android Studio user interface is superior over eclipse, yes eclipse is easy to use but Android Studio excels.  So many features of Android Studio overwhelms Eclipse that it is time to start the conversion process.  This will not be an easy task.  Converting an Eclipse application over to Android Studio will force to upgrade libraries or features that are no longer supported as in the past.  It is a tough situation to be in but if the parent company has made the decision to maintain control over their operating system the developer will no longer have their choice.


Ebooks and video at HUGE discounts at Packt Publishing

Packt Pub

Ebooks and video at HUGE discounts at Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing publishes technical manuals for all software developers are having a huge $5.00 sale for ebooks and videos.

Developer skills platform that supports software professionals in learning the skills they need to stay relevant in their field. From web development to data science, Packt delivers practical content on what’s important in the tech world, helping developers solve today’s – and tomorrow’s challenges.

With every eBook and every video $5 there’s never been a better time to learn something new or dive deeper into what’s important to you.

Some of the current sale items are:

  • Mastering Swift 2
  • Getting Started with Lazarus IDE
  • Mastering Ubuntu Server
  • Ubuntu Server Cookbook
  • SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services Cookbook

The library is huge and software developers will find something well worth purchasing and can expect high quality from PackT.

Eurekalog debugs your deployed application.

Eurekalog debugs your deployed application.



Eurekalog has consistently proven that they assist developers in debugging deployed applications.  No kidding, Eurekalog will send back a detailed report to the developer informing them exactly where the bug occurred and what exactly happened.  Baron Software has implemented in all of their applications the Eurekalog method and recommend to all Delphi developers to implement it as well.

Eurekalog Features

Features that should convince you to purchase the Eurekalog applcation:

  • Detailed bug report about each exception, leak or hang;
  • Bug report includes call stack with unit names, class names, routine names, and line numbers;
  • Extensive run-time and environment information is logged into bug report;
  • RAW dump and disassembly information;
  • Easy integration, no need to write code;
  • No additional files needed (no DLLs, no .map files, no .tds files);
  • Packing and encryption of all information;
  • No performance loss (unless exception occurs);
  • Full unicode support;
  • Win32 and Win64 support;
  • VCL, CLX, FMX (FireMonkey) support;
  • Supports any application kind: GUI, CGI, WinCGI, ISAPI, IntraWeb, COM, Multi-Thread, etc.;
  • Full support for .exe packers and protectors;
  • Support for modern cutting-edge features (nested exceptiond, Wait Chain Traversal, etc.);
  • Easy and powerfull customization;
  • Many helper tools;
  • Sending bug report to developers (e-mail, HTTP, FTP, bug trackers);
  • SSL/TLS support for all send methods;

New Partnership with Gnostice

The Eurekalog subscription model is recommended to allow the Delphi developer to keep up with the latest updates .  Eurekalog is announcing a new partnership with Gnostice, the makers of XtremeDocumentStudio, a document-processing and PDF library compatible with Delphi and other languages. Eurekalog will begin offering a 25% discount coupon on XtremeDocumentStudio to any registered EurekaLog customer.

Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi [25% Off]
Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi is a suite of multi-format document processing components for VCL and FMX. You can View, Print, Convert PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF and images, OCR images to searchable PDF, and much more.

Call Eurekalog today and get the Gnostice tool as well.  This is a  win-win for all Delphi developers.

Delphi is coming for Linux Servers

Delphi is coming for Linux Servers

Delphi for Linux

Embarcadero has announced that the next major release for the Delphi language will have Linux server support.  What this means to the developers using Delphi is that they can now create service applications for their Linux customers.  You have to take into account that 60 to 70 percent of web and databases reside on a Linux server since the cost is usually very low.

Delphi can be used to create Windows applications, 32-bit or 64-bit, Mac and iOS applications, Android applications and now Linux.  One type of application that comes to mind is a Datasnap application that could be used to provide a secured method to extract data from a MYSQL database and using the REST API deliver the request in minutes.

At the moment it seems that the Linux support will be available only in the packages starting at the Enterprise level. The professional may have it as an add-on but it wasn’t clear.  It does make sense that the services for servers tends to be in the Enterprise additions but this could back fire on Embarcadero if a huge percentage are only using the professional version.

Official message

Here is a message from Embarcadero on the Linux release

Install Linux Server – Is your Linux getting a little rusty? Setup a Linux Server install in your favorite virtual machine software. The most popular server distributions are the Red Hat / Fedora family and Ubuntu (based on Debian). We won’t be sure what flavors of Linux are supported, but those two probably have good odds. Brush-Up on your Linux Terminal Commands – Windows is great, but do you remember how to configure Apache in a Linux Terminal? There are a lot of resources out there for brushing up on Linux commands, or you can always consult the man pages.

Only current subscribers were invited to the webinar to view the beta in action.  I have to say it was pretty neat as well as working.  Bare in mind that these are to be only console / service type of applications.  There is a possibility that a GUI / Windows development will be down the road.  For further information you can go to embarcadero

Learning from the Yahoo hack and how to protect yourself

Learning from the Yahoo hack and how to protect yourself

Yahoo Hack

How and what can you do to protect yourself or your company from being hacked from malware or virus ?  Some of this are very simple steps that you can do on a daily basis.

Safe steps to protect yourself

Step 1 – Make sure the email you are receiving is from someone or company you know before you do anything.  Opening up an email can trigger an attempt by an outside party to install something on your system.

Step 2 – Make sure your workstations and servers have up to date virus and malware software installed.  Staying on top of updates is now necessary due to the daily virus creations that are being done.  You need to make sure that you have the best performing malware / virus software and our recommendation is Symantec – Norton Security software

Step 3 – Attachments can have malware – viruses inserted in them.  If you do not know the company or person that has sent you the attachment your best bet is delete the email.  Simply clicking on it may insert an application that will copy your personal information, credit card information or any other valuable piece of information.  One current scheme is to send invoices with a claimer that the person is about to be taken to court.  Usually this would scare folks into easily opening the attachment and then a hacker is let into the machine.

Step 4 – Beware of web sites that have current events or products that are declared free as well as pornographic web sites offering free movies and images.  These are the web sites that will insert a virus or malware that could steal your personal information.

Step 5 – downloading or installing free software from friends.  Just because you think you have gotten the deal of the century your machine may be taken over.  There is no such thing as a free lunch unless it is from your mother.

Step 6 – Password protect your router, set up a strong password on the wireless account as well.  A simple strong password will contain a mixture of letters, special symbols and numbers.  Something like your dog’s name can look like R88I&N*G%O will protect you a long way.  There are some stories that users have 1234 or PASSWORD which is a BAD idea.

Step 7 – Enforce the internal users to change their passwords at the very least 90 days.

Step 8 – Keep up with your backups daily or at least once a week.  Machines that are hacked can become useless or even RANSOM.  A Ransomed machine is something such as the FBI virus which placed a FBI warning and requested folks to purchase a $200.00 cash card to be given to the hacker.  You need to call a specialist or reinstall the operating system to overcome this.

Follow the company security guide lines on protecting yourself and your job.  If your company does not have any security guide lines then speak to your IT department to make it a formal request.  Even following these simple steps will go a long way in protecting you.

Delphi Developer Days 2016 Baltimore


Delphi Developer Days 2016 Baltimore

DDD_2016 in Baltimore


The Delphi Developer Days 2016 which was held in Baltimore was a top notch 2 day knowledge fest that went over various aspects of the Delphi language.  As always Cary Jensen, Loy Anderson and Nick Hodges gave the utmost sessions to the attending group.  Each developer was able to interact with one another dealing with various issues they may have using the Delphi language.

All in all each session was roughly an hour and dealt with debugging, programming methods and tools to impact daily Delphi programming.  The room was packed with programmers in the Northeast section of the United States that all came to Baltimore.  Baron Software once again attended as done in the release past and had a grand time.

This time Nick Hodges was a presenter and based on his books that have dealt with theory for better programming Nick was able to convert a lot of programmers to decouple their source code.  The sessions ran all day from 8 AM to 5 PM for the 2 days which packed as much information as possible.

Apparently Baltimore may not be used next year but Chicago will be for sure.  Baron Software did find Baltimore to be a great location due to being near and drivable.  One final note is that it is possible for next year that the event will be held earlier in the fall to stay away from the year end holidays.

You should attend Delphi Developer Days next year!

Our recommendation is for any Delphi programmer to attend these events because as time has progressed they are becoming less.  In the days past, these types of events were monthly but due to the internet webinars are the biggest thing to happen to instructors.  This allows them to reach a larger audience but an event such as this is truly a gem that allows interaction with all.

For additional information click here