Eurekalog debugs your deployed application.

Eurekalog debugs your deployed application.



Eurekalog has consistently proven that they assist developers in debugging deployed applications.  No kidding, Eurekalog will send back a detailed report to the developer informing them exactly where the bug occurred and what exactly happened.  Baron Software has implemented in all of their applications the Eurekalog method and recommend to all Delphi developers to implement it as well.

Eurekalog Features

Features that should convince you to purchase the Eurekalog applcation:

  • Detailed bug report about each exception, leak or hang;
  • Bug report includes call stack with unit names, class names, routine names, and line numbers;
  • Extensive run-time and environment information is logged into bug report;
  • RAW dump and disassembly information;
  • Easy integration, no need to write code;
  • No additional files needed (no DLLs, no .map files, no .tds files);
  • Packing and encryption of all information;
  • No performance loss (unless exception occurs);
  • Full unicode support;
  • Win32 and Win64 support;
  • VCL, CLX, FMX (FireMonkey) support;
  • Supports any application kind: GUI, CGI, WinCGI, ISAPI, IntraWeb, COM, Multi-Thread, etc.;
  • Full support for .exe packers and protectors;
  • Support for modern cutting-edge features (nested exceptiond, Wait Chain Traversal, etc.);
  • Easy and powerfull customization;
  • Many helper tools;
  • Sending bug report to developers (e-mail, HTTP, FTP, bug trackers);
  • SSL/TLS support for all send methods;

New Partnership with Gnostice

The Eurekalog subscription model is recommended to allow the Delphi developer to keep up with the latest updates .  Eurekalog is announcing a new partnership with Gnostice, the makers of XtremeDocumentStudio, a document-processing and PDF library compatible with Delphi and other languages. Eurekalog will begin offering a 25% discount coupon on XtremeDocumentStudio to any registered EurekaLog customer.

Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi [25% Off]
Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi is a suite of multi-format document processing components for VCL and FMX. You can View, Print, Convert PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF and images, OCR images to searchable PDF, and much more.

Call Eurekalog today and get the Gnostice tool as well.  This is a  win-win for all Delphi developers.