Delphi Boot Camp with 100% off Delphi

Delphi Boot Camp with a free 100% off Delphi development tool.  Embarcadero is pushing Delphi and C++ Builder during the 2 training weeks to gain market share.  This comes prior to the Godzilla package that is on the horizon.  Godzilla or Tokyo has been promised to include Linux server support.  After taking the C++ Builder Boot Camp with the provided information it was an amazing enjoyable week.  I am expecting the similar with the Delphi Boot Camp as well.  The purpose of the boot camp is to demonstrate the Delphi language with the possible things that can be done on various platforms, the intention is to grow the Delphi developers base.  Click on the image below which will take you to the web site for additional information as well as registering for the boot camp. You will then have the chance to install the starter edition which is Delphi lite but still strong enough to get a job done.  After you review the product you will get a chance to purchase the professional package which has even more functionality.

The agenda is displayed below where each subject is broken into 2 hour sessions per day.  The instructors are great and will teach the necessary steps in development work as well as what Delphi will do for you or your company.


Agenda for the week

Day 1: Introduction to Delphi: The IDE and Your First App

Day 2: Getting to Know the Delphi Language

Day 3: Building Effective User Interfaces with FireMonkey

Day 4: Game Development with Delphi

Day 5: Stepping up to Mobile and Database Development








Once registered, claim your very own Delphi Starter Edition license (limited time offer) that you can keep after the course. If that is not enough, you can also download a copy of Marco Cantu’s Object Pascal Handbook to help you study alongside the course.