Free Windows 10 upgrade is coming to an end.


Free Windows 10 upgrade is coming to an end

Free Windows 10 upgrade is coming to an end so what does it mean for me ?  When Windows 10 was released to consumers in July of 2015, it was free for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for one year.  Microsoft decided to become like Apple where the operating system was the show piece but the overall experience of using the new operating system was.  The free operating system offer created a huge spike in upgrades by consumers, with Microsoft going as far as proclaiming that over one billion users will activate Windows 10 in the coming years on many devices.  Keep in mind that the new marketing campaign is pushing the concept of universal usage for Windows 10 from computers to Xbox consoles.  So in theory a developer can write one application for many devices.

Windows 10 has been a huge success for the company, with over 300 million active Windows devices and they do feel confident that they will reach their goals for dominating Window users with one slight issue that is coming soon, July 29th is the final day to grab the free upgrade.

The free operating system upgrade is offered for all Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users up until July 29th, after that day you will have to purchase a license from the Microsoft Store or from any other retailer who carries the operating system. Windows 10 Home runs for $119.99 (plus tax) and Windows 10 Pro runs for $199.99 (plus tax).

Microsoft also offers a “Windows 10 Pro Pack” which allows a consumer to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, and it runs for $99 (plus tax).

If you did execute the free upgrade then that license is valid for the life of that device which is basically the right way since it did come with a valid Windows license that was given up, so even if you think that it is a free upgrade you really are still paying for it one way or the other.  In simple terms, smoke and mirrors.  There are some that decided to go back to Windows 7 since it was simpler to use but reality for most is that Windows 10 has been pretty solid success.

So for the final batch of either Windows 7 users which is largely in the corporate world or the few rebels that have decided to make a stand they will lose out on the free upgrade.  This could be a not so bad thing since hardware always detects what the operating system can possibly do and as recommended to purchase new equipment with the latest operating system.  For those holding out, the clock is ticking.  Read More

Embarcadero closing down their Spanish office

Embarcadero Logo

Embarcadero is closing down their Spanish office

What does that really mean for Delphi / C++ Builder developers, not really sure at this point. Are they moving the software work over to another office located in a different city, no one knows with the exception of the Idera – Embarcadero staff.  The Spanish office did work on most of the IDE, Delphi runtime library, GetIT, Installer, some database components, Bluetooth components, IoT, perform  QA, and other miscellaneous tasks such as support for the product line.   The 80 or more staff members will be either laid off or moved elsewhere in the company based on the experience level.    The staff did the most work on the RAD Studio product which includes Delphi and C++ Builder.   Based on dealing with a few of the staff they were dedicated to the product but as mergers or company purchases go the idea of trimming costs to pay for the recent merger always occurs.  This has happened in financial houses, banks, software development.

Rad Studio is still growing during the break out from Idera since the database products have been moved over and the concept of dealing with R&D for development has to be a decision made by Idera, how much money will they put into the product, how will they make money with the product and finally what the future holds.  Embarcadero has always been firm on keeping tight control on how many actual developers are part of the Delphi product, at the moment they indicated 3 million but are those renewals, what about new licenses for new users ?  That type of information is never released.

Delphi Developers Day 2016 is coming during the winter since it was postponed during the merger with the stated story of a family member passing away which could be Delphi or could it be the Phoenix arising again ?

Francisco Partners and Elliott Management announce definitive agreement to acquire Dell Software Group


<h2>On Monday (June 20th, 2016), Francisco Partners and Elliott Management announced they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Dell Software Group. This transaction includes Dell’s Statistica, Systems and Information Management and Security business units.</h2>

Dell will remain a significant reseller and partner of our world class technologies, but at this time we feel that creating a software specific business as an independent company represents the best possible option to accelerate the growth of the business units and to serve our employees, customers and partners.

This represents a significant change for our business but one we are excited about. Francisco Partners and Elliott Management have a long history of driving innovation and growth of its partner companies. Statistica will stay focused on the path of delivering value for our customers and partners with innovative advanced analytics technologies.

  • Customers are the life blood of the Statistica business. With over 30 years of operating history, we are focused on serving our customers with the highest quality software, the most forward looking and aggressive product roadmap and the most flexible approach to building business relationships with existing and new customers.
  • The past 2 years have been very exciting for the Statistica team. Being named as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics has been a great honor and in June 2016, Statistica was recognized as an “overall experience leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models” based on Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study.
  • The most recent release of Statistica, V13.1, has been widely recognized as a driver of innovation for the global Advanced Analytics market. The Statistica team is leading the way in analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT), and in making analytics easier to use for the new class of users referred to as Citizen Data Scientists.

While it will take some time to close the transaction, we will be sure to communicate with you regularly to give updates on progress. Until the transaction is completed there are no changes to the way business is performed.

I look forward to continuing our relationship and sharing more details of this exciting news as it becomes available. As always, we remain committed to shared success, growth and innovation.

Please see the press release for more details, and contact your Account Manager with any questions you may have.

John K. Thompson
General Manager & Executive Director, Dell StatisticaDell

FixInsight joins TMS Software!

FixInsight joins TMS Software

TMS is a company with main office in Belgium and offices in Brazil and Uruguay. The company TMS was founded in 1995 by Bruno Fierens to focus on the development of components for a Delphi IDE for all kinds of technical areas and now they have announced that they will include FixInsight into the TMS realm.

FixInsight seamlessly integrates into your Delphi IDE and outputs its messages in the familiar Messages window.
You can integrate FixInsight (Pro version only) with your build process using the command-line tool and have several options that will let you run analysis automatically during the build process.

Baron Software have used FixInsight from the first version and the analysis that is performed on possible coding issues reduces the overall software support cost in the long run.


Feature overview

FixInsight performs static code analysis to help you find bugs early in the development process:

  • Identify potential errors and oddities
  • Produce a list of warnings when issues are found
  • Check your code for coding convention compliance (list of code patterns handled by FixInsight can be found in the documentation)
  • Exclude specific units from analysis by entering their names in the Settings window
  • Suppress particular warnings


  • Reduce the number of bugs early in the development stage
  • Reduce overall costs of development, maintenance and support
  • Improve application reliability and quality

Expedite SQL with Idera Rapid SQL 2016

Idera rapid sql 2016

Expedite SQL Development with Rapid SQL 2016

• Write code across different database platforms – Produce high-performing SQL code across DBMS platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and PostgreSQL) from one user interface.
• Develop SQL code quickly and efficiently – The SQL IDE is a clean, slick development environment, ideal for creating and modifying SQL code geared to the needs of application developers. Real-time quick fixes flag and correct inefficient SQL automatically, saving you time.
• Simplify debugging SQL code – Simplify the task of hunting down and eliminating coding errors. SQL Debugger lets you debug SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or DB2 stored procedures as well as Oracle functions, improving productivity.

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Develop High Performing Code Across DBMSs

Create high-performing SQL code on all major DBMSs (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase) from a single common interface. Reduce training requirements and streamline collaboration among teams across the organization.

Easily Build Complex Statements

Save time and start developing SQL code immediately with Visual Query Building tools. Rapid SQL gives you the ability to construct complex SQL statements with point-and-click ease using the Visual Query Builder.

Quickly Construct and Execute SQL Code

The SQL IDE is a development environment, ideal for creating and modifying SQL code geared to the needs of application developers. Real-time quick fixes flag and correct inefficient SQL au­tomatically. The IDE is also equipped with SQL code assist, real-time SQL syntax validation, and project level SQL file cataloging and search features.

Simplify Debugging

SQL Debugger simplifies the task of finding coding errors and lets you debug SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or DB2 stored procedures as well as Oracle functions. The SQL Debugger features basic execution, line-by-line execution, breakpoint support, and other common debugging features.

Effectively Collaborate

Collaborate with your team with version control, reverse-engineering, and source code repository capabilities. Rapid SQL incorporates version control functions and build management facilities to help you manage and build projects. It provides seamless integration with most commercial version control packages and support for all operations including get, check-out, check-in, history, and differences.


After using Rapid SQL, productivity time has improved while design / development time has been reduced. The option to use various databases and allows a developer to quickly get the database designed, tested and released much faster.