How not to conduct support and sales!

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During the summer months businesses tend to have smaller staffs due to vacations or working less hours to enjoy themselves. All businesses need to provide their staff with time off to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming projects. Hopefully this not how to conduct support and sales. That being said it is understandable that companies may not get back to you within a timely fashion. Support team that does not know. Our first story starts with a support call. There was an issue that led to a component not working correctly. The email went to the support team with the issue described. What came back from the support team was strange. Apparently the person who wrote the software component was on a two week vacation. So the support staff…
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How to fix Remote Desktop “CredSSP encryption Oracle remediation” error when using Windows RDP

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How to fix Remote Desktop "CredSSP encryption Oracle remediation" error when using Windows RDP   Yes, it is a dangerous tool but only if you have a fully unsecured entry point or using poor passwords. The error recently happened preventing access to numerous servers from Windows 10 machines.    The Remote desktop would not connect and gave the following error listed below An Authentication error has occurred. The function requested is not supported. This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation Now this occurs within the organization and may not happen everywhere but the OS was Windows Professional 10 with all updates. The quick fix as it turns out is to add a single key to your workstation's registry by using the utility REGEDIT. When REGEDIT starts, click on…
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Apple starting to alert users that it will end 32-bit app support on the Mac

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Apple starting to alert users that it will end 32-bit app support on the Mac Tomorrow at midnight PT, Apple will begin issuing an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4. It’s a one-time (per app) alert, designed to help MacOS make the full transition to 64-bit. At some unspecified time in the future, the operating system will end its support for 32-bit technology… meaning those apps that haven’t been updated just won’t work.  That time, mind you, is not tomorrow, but the company’s hoping that this messaging will help light a fire under users and developers to upgrade before that day comes. Says the company on its help page, “To ensure that the apps you purchase are as advanced as the Mac you run them on, all…
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Meltdown Patch Opened Bigger Security Hole on Windows 7

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Meltdown Patch Opened Bigger Security Hole on Windows 7 Microsoft's Meltdown patch has opened an even bigger security hole on Windows 7, allowing any user-level application to read content from the operating system's kernel, and even write data to kernel memory. Swedish IT security expert Ulf Frisk made the discovery earlier this month while working on PCILeech, a device he created a few years back for carrying out Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks and dumping protected OS memory. Frisk says that Microsoft's Meltdown patch (for CVE-2017-5754) —released in the January 2018 Patch Tuesday— accidentally flipped a bit that controls the access permission for kernel memory. Frisk explains: In short - the User/Supervisor permission bit was set to User in the PML4 self-referencing entry. This made the page tables available to user mode…
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Apple announcements for Education

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Apple announcements for Education Apple took its annual spring event out of California and hosted it at a high school in Chicago this year, promising to focus its newest products toward the education market that’s been dominated by Google and Microsoft. The keynote was condensed into just one hour, most of which revolved around all the things you can do with a newly announced iPad. Here’s a look at all the biggest news today. The star of today’s announcement was the new “affordable” iPad with stylus support. Affordable is in quotations because it costs $299 for schools, but $329 for everyone else — the same price as iPad’s 9.7-inch tablet announced last spring. The biggest update with this iPad is that it’ll finally work with the $99 Apple Pencil ($89 for students…
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