Object Pascal Handbook

Book Reviews
Object Pascal Handbook Embarcadero is offering the Object Pascal Handbook free (PDF) for all developers if you sign up for the free addition.   Marco Cantu wrote this masterpiece and it provides a simple but in depth view of Delphi which is Object Pascal. From writing desktop apps to client-server applications, from massive web server modules to middleware, from office automation to apps for the latest phones and tablets, from industrial automation systems to Internet virtual phone networks... this is what Object Pascal is used for today, in the real world. The idea of the book is to explain core concepts and immediately present short demos that readers are encouraged to try to execute, experiment with, and extend to understand the concepts. The book that offers complete coverage of the…
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2017 Rad Studio (C++ Builder and Delphi) Developers Survey

Rad Studio Delphi Development
2017 Rad Studio Developers Survey The 2017 Embarcadero survey provides the latest information about the programming language Delphi.  The survey can be reviewed from Marco Cantu's web site Apparently all versions are still in use since the original design was built as a 32 bit compiler.  So in theory a developer using Delphi 1 can build an application for Windows 10 since it is 32 bit.   As time progresses the 32 bit application will disappear such as the 16 bit did. One super fact from the survey is that Berlin V10.1 is the most used and that is in thanks to their campaign. Windows application development is still strong since Delphi along with components can build an application in no time.  The next platform is Android which is bigger…
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Guide on building a PC step by step

Computer PC Tips - bits and bytes
Guide on building a PC step by step Whether you are a person that loves to put things together or build a great gaming machine the following steps will assist you in the building planning stages. The major difference between purchasing a BOX versus a BUILD can be vast based on your budget. Step 1 - planning Planning involves what you expect at the end of the build.  What type of case, power supply, motherboard, etc. are you looking to use.  Here is a listing of parts you will have to consider: Computer case Power Supply 700 Watts or higher Motherboard CPU - Intel I7 or AMD. Memory 8 GB or higher DVD Drive or do you get a portable. SSD Drive and what size. Extra Hard Drive to store…
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