Google ending Eclipse support for Android Studio

Google ending Eclipse support for Android Studio

Android Studio

Google wants Android Studio to be the official integrated development environment for the Android operating system.  The company announced with the release of Android Studio 2.2 that the IDE will no longer support the Eclipse Android Developer tools.  Eclipse has been used for all of the past few years bringing the Android operating system to all it has taken over the market share.

Android Studio Features

The main features include improvements to the instant run iteration engine, a new user interface designer, a new layout engine, support for C++, an APK analyzer along with additional tools for debugging.  The Android Studio is an excellent developers toolkit that gets anyone to quickly get their products to market.

Eclipse compared to Android Studio

Drag and drop GUI designer on both tools is weak at best with incorrect layouts affecting the underlying code. A developer does not have the luxury of using a Rad studio to complete their tasks in a timely fashion.   Code Completion is another feature that Android Studio performs much better where Eclipse sometimes completes with incorrect information.  The gradle intergation also is much superior under Android Studio without that waiting build period that affects Eclipse.

The  Android Studio user interface is superior over eclipse, yes eclipse is easy to use but Android Studio excels.  So many features of Android Studio overwhelms Eclipse that it is time to start the conversion process.  This will not be an easy task.  Converting an Eclipse application over to Android Studio will force to upgrade libraries or features that are no longer supported as in the past.  It is a tough situation to be in but if the parent company has made the decision to maintain control over their operating system the developer will no longer have their choice.