Delphi is coming for Linux Servers

Delphi is coming for Linux Servers

Delphi for Linux

Embarcadero has announced that the next major release for the Delphi language will have Linux server support.  What this means to the developers using Delphi is that they can now create service applications for their Linux customers.  You have to take into account that 60 to 70 percent of web and databases reside on a Linux server since the cost is usually very low.

Delphi can be used to create Windows applications, 32-bit or 64-bit, Mac and iOS applications, Android applications and now Linux.  One type of application that comes to mind is a Datasnap application that could be used to provide a secured method to extract data from a MYSQL database and using the REST API deliver the request in minutes.

At the moment it seems that the Linux support will be available only in the packages starting at the Enterprise level. The professional may have it as an add-on but it wasn’t clear.  It does make sense that the services for servers tends to be in the Enterprise additions but this could back fire on Embarcadero if a huge percentage are only using the professional version.

Official message

Here is a message from Embarcadero on the Linux release

Install Linux Server – Is your Linux getting a little rusty? Setup a Linux Server install in your favorite virtual machine software. The most popular server distributions are the Red Hat / Fedora family and Ubuntu (based on Debian). We won’t be sure what flavors of Linux are supported, but those two probably have good odds. Brush-Up on your Linux Terminal Commands – Windows is great, but do you remember how to configure Apache in a Linux Terminal? There are a lot of resources out there for brushing up on Linux commands, or you can always consult the man pages.

Only current subscribers were invited to the webinar to view the beta in action.  I have to say it was pretty neat as well as working.  Bare in mind that these are to be only console / service type of applications.  There is a possibility that a GUI / Windows development will be down the road.  For further information you can go to embarcadero