The cost of crossing the line

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Informing employees about company standards

With the pandemic still raging across the world it seems that folks have way too much time on their hands. Decisions made by individuals at the time seem like a justified method. When in reality they could be harming others, breaking the law and tarnishing the company’s image.

Employees need to know when how far they can protest before they cross the line. The line is not physical but in reality you represent the company you work for. That decision was made upon hiring you.

Acts that cannot be taken back

There has been stories due to the social unrest that places a company in a position that they cannot turn away from. Some act such as:

  • Capitol riots where selfies were taken.
  • Riots where violence occurred.
  • Photos taken years ago but used to discredit others.
  • Images of splitting into police.
  • Hate displayed on social media.

The above list only describes some of the acts. Selfies that they just broke the law has no limits. In days ago acting silly at the office party was used to shame you by the boss. Now it is going beyond that.

Company standards and guidelines

When you take a position at a company the simplest first day is to read the guidelines that are provided. Those guidelines list what can get you fired when you cross that line. For the most part, no one reads them until you are brought into human resources.

Social media content is strongly reviewed by the company. This ensures that the person being hired is not a risk for a lawsuit. The application you filled during the interview process you needed to provide all social media accounts for review.

Protesting is fine as long as you remember not to cross the line into something you will regret.