Register for the PASS summit 2017

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PASS summit 2017 The PASS summit brings you three days of inspiring, jam-packed educational opportunities focused on the Microsoft Platform, professional connections, and new skills and know-how you can put to use immediately. Don’t forget to stop by the IDERA booth for your chance to win one of 3 apple watches! What to expect this year at the summit: More than 5,000 registrants from more than 2,000 companies Representatives from 52 different countries Over 200 technical sessions presented by industry experts from around the world including more advanced sessions than years before 70+ hours networking with MVPs, experts and peers Inspiring keynote speakers that include Rohan Kumar, Rimma Nehma, and Heather Ritchie, An opportunity to connect, share and learn
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Idera – Free Tool – PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server

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Idera - Free Tool - PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server Idera is offering a free tool of Powershell scripts for Microsoft SQL server.  You can simply your SQL Server Administration with 89 free Powershell scripts by simply providing some information and it is an amazing assortment of scripts.  The scripts will allow you to work on your server providing you with some outstanding quick pieces that will enhance what you do on a daily basis. 89 example scripts for managing SQL Server objects Initialize PowerShell SQLPS module and work with databases Scripts for Analysis, Integration, and Reporting services Experimental support for SQL Server 2016 New scripts for exploring In-Memory databases and query store features Powershell script break down Database Engine Connect to a server instance, manage databases and publish scripts…
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IDERA, Inc. Acquires Sencha to Strengthen Developer Tools Business

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IDERA, Inc. Acquires Sencha to Strengthen Developer Tools Business IDERA, Inc., the leading provider of database, development, and test management tools, today announced an agreement to acquire Sencha, a leading web application development platform. Sencha will be integrated with Embarcadero, IDERA, Inc.’s developer tools division. The press release can be view at BusinessWire about this purchase in detail.  Now the question is what will happen with moving this product into the Embarcadero Developer product line ?   How does this affect the Rad Studio products that deal with the enterprise ? Sencha provides software tools to build web applications across desktops, tablets and smartphones.  How will this work with FireMonkey is the real question.  The pricing structure for Sencha is extremely high for up to 5 developers. Atanas Popov has been…
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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your database (SQL)

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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your database (SQL)   Idera recently had a fantastic webinar that went over the creation of a disaster recovery plan concerning your databases.  This should be a high critical piece of work usually done by DBAs within a company.  Let's go over a simple set of plans that depending on the type of company you are dealing with, can be done either large or small. Backups.  All backups should be done with incremental or full backups of your database.  There should be a protected network folder that contains the incremental in one and the full backups (usually done once a week) in a separate folder.  An incremental is a backup that contains only a snapshot of transactions that are done during a day while…
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Cybersecurity risks expected to increase in 2017

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Cybersecurity risks expected to increase in 2017 The year 2016 saw a rise in cyber-attacks, both ransomware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) on small and large corporations globally.  Close to 50 percent of companies were subjected to some form of cyber-ransom attack in 2016.  Whether the ransom was medical records or street lamps, the threat is real.  Major DDoS attacks compromised many websites including prominent ones such as Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, and Pinterest. Yahoo was hit with the biggest data breach in history with information being stolen from 500 million user accounts. Company concerns should focus on these items Data loss. Service Outage. Damaged Reputation. Customers or partners loss. According to a recent report by Forbes on cybersecurity risks in Asia-pacific in 2017, DDoS attacks will be an increasing threat to…
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