What employers are looking for in a new hire.

Customer Support

A resume has a person’s history of previous held positions to the most current. After a resume is viewed the natural next step is for the employer to request the interview. During the interview a person has to tell the employer why they are the best choice. Just providing a technical background the employer is also looking for something discussed as a “soft skill”

Are you able to work with current product line and provide support to customers ? Are you a team player or a lone wolf.

a new study by ZipRecruiter suggests 93 percent of employers think soft skills play a “critical” role in the hiring decision. Some of the top skills that have been suggested:

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Scheduling
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Compliance
  • Independent work
  • Interpersonal skills

Baron Software requires that employees present the company at the highest level but also to have a humane approach in resolving issues. From the moment the support starts to the end point an employee has to provide a solution that the client approves.

Here are some basic tips on improving your skills:

  • Listen during team meetings with colleagues and team members. Value their opinions.
  • If your company provides you with positive criticism learn how to use it.
  • Keep your feedback polite and constructive, no matter the circumstances.  
  • Provide facts and not opinion during feedback.
  • Work with your team leaders to improve your people skills. 
  • Team leaders and managers should be able to provide insights on the handling of customer support.

Keeping customers happy with the support provided builds on long term relationships and keeps the company afloat. If your customer support is poor to dismal then it has to be quickly adjusted otherwise the company falters.