TrackPro Roadmap for 2019 to 2020

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The future of TrackPro is bright! Since Baron Software has acquired TrackPro the improvements have been moving along. So without delay for the current users of TrackPro the roadmap for 2019 to 2020 details what is on the horizon. TrackPro was born Developed by Al Weisenborn in 1998. TrackPro has evolved over time with the purpose of tracking instruments. TrackPro is a software solution that allows you to track and manage the status of recurrent activities such as calibrations, maintenance, and reminders. Improvements The coming improvements will increase the productivity. Some of the scheduled updates will be a SQL database version. Allowing large companies to have the necessary robust performance they need. Small companies can still use the current database and do not need to convert. Basically there will be…
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How not to conduct support and sales!

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During the summer months businesses tend to have smaller staffs due to vacations or working less hours to enjoy themselves. All businesses need to provide their staff with time off to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming projects. Hopefully this not how to conduct support and sales. That being said it is understandable that companies may not get back to you within a timely fashion. Support team that does not know. Our first story starts with a support call. There was an issue that led to a component not working correctly. The email went to the support team with the issue described. What came back from the support team was strange. Apparently the person who wrote the software component was on a two week vacation. So the support staff…
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High number of adults unable to do basic mathematical tasks

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High number of adults unable to do basic mathematical tasks Adults have had difficult times dealing with employment and career advancement but now there is proof that Adults cannot perform simple math. Participants were asked questions such as: "Suppose, upon your trip to the grocery store you purchase four types of tea packs: Chamomile Tea (US$4.60), Green Tea (US$4.15), Black Tea (US$3.35) and Lemon Tea (US$1.80). If you paid for all these items with a US$20 bill, how much change would you get?" Four in every ten adults in places like England, Canada, Spain and the US can't make this straightforward calculation even when they had a calculator to hand. Similarly, less than half of adults in places like Chile, Turkey and South Korea can get the right answer. The results clearly highlight how…
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GitHub DDoS attack put them offline for 10 minutes

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GitHub DDoS attack put them offline for 10 minutes GitHub recently revealed that the web site was crippled for a full 10 minutes forcing it to be offline for 10 minutes while the engineers recovered the systems.  This is one of the largest-known DDoS attack in history. DDoS or distributed denial of service in full is a cyber attack that aims to bring websites and web-based services down by bombarding them with so much traffic that their services and infrastructure are unable to handle it all. It’s a fairly common tactic used to force targets offline. The Chinese government was widely suspected to be behind a five-day-long attack in 2015 and this newest assault tipped the scales at an incredible 1.35Tbps at peak.  This time there has been no culprit discovered but this…
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Be the first to hear about the next Windows 10 Update

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Be the first to hear about the next Windows 10 Update RSVP now for the Windows Developer Day livestream on March 7th, at 9:00 AM PST, and you'll be the first to hear the latest news on tools and features for devs coming in the next Windows 10 Update. The livestream will include a keynote by Kevin Gallo, VP of the Windows Developer Platform, and the Q&A to follow. No matter what you're working on, you'll find plenty of improvements that will make your software even more compelling. You'll also get inside info on: Building for the modern workplace—Code never dies, it just gets upgraded, refined, and improved. We'll discuss improvements on how we're evolving our platform to make it easier than ever to update your existing code with new…
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