How to purge Microsoft SQL email Items

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How to purge Microsoft SQL email Items There are times that housecleaning older mail in your database needs to be done.  A simple scheduled task can be done every month to purge what is no longer necessary.  SQL Server stores all mails and attachments in msdb database. To avoid unnecessary growth of msdb database you should remove these mail history unless it is required for auditing or other purposes. As always make sure you have your backups done prior to running any sort of removal in the event you did something incorrectly.  By purging you are reducing the amount of wasted space in the msdb database that could be used for other things activities. Simply running the following statement using T-SQL you can check the amount of database mails that have been processed from…
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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your database (SQL)

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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your database (SQL)   Idera recently had a fantastic webinar that went over the creation of a disaster recovery plan concerning your databases.  This should be a high critical piece of work usually done by DBAs within a company.  Let's go over a simple set of plans that depending on the type of company you are dealing with, can be done either large or small. Backups.  All backups should be done with incremental or full backups of your database.  There should be a protected network folder that contains the incremental in one and the full backups (usually done once a week) in a separate folder.  An incremental is a backup that contains only a snapshot of transactions that are done during a day while…
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Baron Software Supports IDERA DB PowerStudio

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Baron Software Supports IDERA's DB PowerStudio Baron Software is a longtime user of IDERA's DB PowerStudio which assists us in dealing with our clients in maintaining thousands of mission-critical multi-platform databases that are used for data warehouses along with highly robust data driven applications,” said Richard Baroniunas, software developer and DBA at Baron Software. “It is an utmost priority to use the absolutely best monitoring and troubleshooting software for our clients. All of Baron Software’s clients deserve the best software tools on the market and that is the reason IDERA’s DB PowerStudio suite is always used. The newest release of DB PowerStudio will create the client satisfaction that is our main objective. Read the Businesswire article Read the full article at BusinessWire.  Idera DB Powerstudio for various SQL servers give you the utmost ability to…
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Expedite SQL with Idera Rapid SQL 2016

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Expedite SQL Development with Rapid SQL 2016 • Write code across different database platforms - Produce high-performing SQL code across DBMS platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and PostgreSQL) from one user interface. • Develop SQL code quickly and efficiently - The SQL IDE is a clean, slick development environment, ideal for creating and modifying SQL code geared to the needs of application developers. Real-time quick fixes flag and correct inefficient SQL automatically, saving you time. • Simplify debugging SQL code - Simplify the task of hunting down and eliminating coding errors. SQL Debugger lets you debug SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or DB2 stored procedures as well as Oracle functions, improving productivity. Click to view the data sheet Develop High Performing Code Across DBMSs Create high-performing SQL code on all…
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Baron Software releases OLE Error Helper for Windows.

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Baron Software has released the latest version for Windows the OLE Error Helper which is a simple free application that allows developers to do a quick search on OLE Errors and the definition.  Click here to download the latest version.  Developed using Rad Studio Delphi and SQLite stores the information.  System requirements is any Windows 7 or higher and the versions are either 32 bit or 64 bit. Search by simple words to match what you are looking for. You can view or print a report based on your search criteria or dump out the entire database to read at your leisure.
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