More Coding in Delphi Book Review

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More Coding in Delphi Book Review Nick Hodges has released the latest additional to the Delphi world called "More Coding in Delphi".  The book is a pretty neat manual but more on the theory side then actual code.  There are samples in each chapter but this is not a typical technical manual that breaks down the syntax concerning Delphi.  The predecessor "Coding in Delphi" was very similar and could be considered part one that dives into object pascal aspects of Delphi. The Chapters are about 12 to 20 pages each and deals strongly in the object oriented Delphi or Object Pascal.  You can pick up both books together for a low cost at various web stores and they are a highly recommended book to pick up.  You can use the knowledge…
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Learning iBeacon Review by Craig Gilchrist Packt Publishing.

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  Learning iBeacon which was written by Craig Gilchrist is a solid technical manual that provides Objective-C / iOS source code that demonstrates various methods to interface with a iBeacon.  Now for folks that do not know what an iBeacon is, they are a small electronic that transmits a signal for an application that is attempting to locate the proximity of a person to where they currently are. Shown below, the iBeacon is no bigger then a quarter and can be placed anywhere within your store or location to send out a beacon to inform the user which area they are in.  Now the signal is just that, a signal your application does everything else.  So if I walk into a store and step by the shoe department, using the…
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1337 Institute of Technology on-line courses Review

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Udemy on-line courses beat the competition. After taking a recent Excel certification course using 1337 Institute of Technology there was a lot left to be desired. It seems that the course instructor are descent but the overall experience on watching and learning from the course on-line leave so much to be desired.  The display is weak thus giving a terrible session when attempting to learn new software or gain knowledge on a subject.  The sound is mediocre and just the mobility between lessons is extremely slow.  There were numerous times you have to re-log into the session if you did not respond to it in minutes when in fact it should remain open for at least 30 minutes before forcing a logout. Even if you were to go full screen it was…
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Windows 10 Professional criteria error when clicking on START button.

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Windows 10 Professional has been a pretty outstanding OS since moving from Windows 7 Professional but it is really odd when particular errors occur. One recent has been when clicking on the START button, a message is received that a criteria error has occurred and a logout has immediately happen. At the lab it did occur and it was thought to log out from the session to see if Windows actually repaired itself. That of course did not happen and the entire Start / Cortena / Notification did not work and the same error message about criteria error would be displayed to do it all over again. It does sound like ground hog day but the next usual step was to go into safe mode. From the sign-in screen Restart…
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Delphi Create a Process or Shelling to start up an external application.

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Delphi Create a Process or Shelling to start up an external application. Since Windows 10 has been released there has been hiccups when dealing with the Windows API. The strange behavior may not return an error code and may actually end up doing nothing leaving you more perplexed then ever. For Delphi developers the best thing to do is retire the ShellExecute API call and convert it over to ShellExecuteEX or to create a separate process you should use CreateProcess. Let's examine the simple task of calling ShellExecute(0, 'open', Pchar('DocumentName.pdf'), '', '', SW_SHOWNORMAL); work under Windows 7 and 8, which would start the Acrobat Reader and open the file but under Windows 10 this no longer is the case. So the next step was to update the call to use…
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