Sitemap for web crawlers

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What is a Sitemap ? A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. Why would you need a sitemap for your web site is usually a reasonable question for any web designer.  A sitemap is a quick access point that allows the visitors on your web site to see the hierarchy of your website and pages in a single glance.   Your web designer tool kits usually provide a method to generate a sitemap from the current set of available pages which will be constantly…
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Windows 7 auto upgrade is happening

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  Upgrade from Windows 7 is possibly happening on your machine. The latest news concerning a auto upgrade with your Windows 7 operating system on a machine regardless whether it is a notebook or desktop may fade into memory unless you take steps to prevent an automatic upgrade of your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine, it will happen even if you're not around to approve it. Our IT department witness it happen on a machine that is basically on most of the time, the update was filter from Microsoft and the upgrade began before anyone could stop it.  Is this big brother forcing users to go their way regardless they want to or not, could be.  There have been various reports of certain applications that have stopped working due…
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The Raspberry Pi 3 is on sale!

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Raspberry Pi 3 is on sale! The Raspberry Pi is the credit card sized computer that changed the world. It’s Linux-based, and is perfect for tinkering or learning to program. The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that has an ultra low cost, compared to typical computers. The primary reason for its creation was to give kids a low-cost computer with which to learn how to program. It's got a beefy quad core processor that runs at 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, and most of the ports and capabilities that any normal computer would have. Generally, it runs on a Linux operating system and can run games, word processing programs, and spreadsheets.  For board comparisons you can click here. Some of the features are: ARM 64bit Quad Core Processor 1GB RAM Onboard…
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Apple news that may be announced on March 21

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Apple news that may be announced on March 21   Apple is preparing to make the annual product announcements on March 21st, 2016.  High expectations are there for newer geek toys from one of the favorite vendors which is apple.  Some of the possible noted things are: New iPhone 5se Headlining the event will be the 4-inch iPhone SE and a new 9.7-inch iPad. Rumors suggest the iPhone SE will look nearly identical to the iPhone 5s, but it will include new internal hardware that brings it in line with newer Apple devices. It is rumored to have an A9 chip, an improved camera, and NFC support for use with Apple Pay. New Apple Air 3. The new 9.7-inch iPad has been referred to as the iPad Air 3, but it may…
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Embarcadero Announces Strategy and Product future

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Embarcadero Announces Dedicated Business Developer Strategy and Product Future With the web site refreshed it seems that Idera is starting to make the right moves on getting Delphi / C++ Builder back into the arena.  Rad Studio provides the highest level of mobile, database, web server, Windows application development all in one package.  The 2016 product roadmap also will be bringing the ability to create Linux applications on the server which is a step to go against the Microsoft Visual Studio product line. At the moment there are over 3 million Delphi users through out the world and that is a fantastic step towards the product update that will be occurring soon.  You can also read additional information by clicking on the embarcadero emblem to view the feedback concerning the…
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