How to handle Open Source Software and Security.

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How to handle Open Source Software and Security. Open source has always left so many questions unanswered on whether your comfort level for software security is high or you have sleepless nights. The keys for open source have the following open questions, can someone else view the source and modify it  or do you rely on internal software developers fix the security flaws.   Open source is mostly freely written software by developers who love to write software code and do not mind submitting their projects for all to use. When using open source, the internal developers need to test the piece out and whether it can be used in the production systems.  It is up to the developer to test the code on a machine that can be safely…
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Visual Studio 2017 to be released March 7th

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Visual Studio 2017 to be released March 7th The Visual Studio team has released a pack of updates that amount to some minor fixes for the Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate 3 that was let loose on the Web a week ago. The team also set a definitive launch date for the feature-complete suite to be on March 7, 2017 The most recent update  includes updates to the .NET Core SDK, including a new templating engine for projects originating from the dotnet new command. Feedback from developers also precipitated a change in the .NET Standard library class template under the .NET Standard node. Rich Lander, a Microsoft program manager with the Common Language Runtime team, that there are also about 50 quality fixes "across the .NET CLI, NuGet, MSBuild and also in…
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