Will Windows 10 Become a Subscription Model?

When Windows 10 is released later this year, free upgrades will be available for Windows 7 and 8 users for one full year.  Now as we all know, the Microsoft machine is not here for charity and things will cost down the road.  Microsoft is hoping to take reliable Windows 7 machines and actually brand new Windows 8 machines thinking that if they give it away free for a year, people will move to the new OS.  As it is known any upgrade doesn’t always work with the older technology from years in the past.  Happened with Vista upgrades or NT to XP which created a IT department nightmares forcing for budgets to include new machines with OS licenses.

The story is the same as last time, Microsoft indicates a ‘do not worry’ program to make you think that it will be simple.  First you will have to download the upgrade and then sweat it out while a possible Window 10 blinks in front of you.  The lab recommends that if you are going to move to the Windows 10 operating system you should invest in a machine that will have a full install.  This allows you to continue to use your older model until you feel comfortable with the new OS.

Going back to the subscription model, like the Office 365, you purchase it for one year with all the free updates.  After that one year you will pay for a new license.  The lab has always purchased a Office Professional package and kept the updates for more than one year.  This is the mindset with Microsoft, if people were happy purchasing Office 365 every year why not a operating system.  You really didn’t think Bill Gates made his millions on his good looks did you ?

Google Glass is staying or going ?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that the company is still hard at work perfecting its wearable, calling it a “big and fundamental platform for Google.”

So at this point while most normal people think it is a pretty cool idea, the cost and the support are next to non-existing.  Google earlier this year ended its Explorer program and stopped selling the original Glass. The project was moved out of Google’s research labs and transferred to a new unit that was under the watchful eye of Tony Fadell, who runs Google’s Nest connected home division.   “We ended the Explorer program and the press conflated this into us canceling the whole project, which isn’t true,” Schmidt told the Journal. “Google is about taking risks, and there’s nothing about adjusting Glass that suggests we’re ending it.”

In the WSJ article Schmidt indicates that Fadell will revamp the product line for the future market.  The real problem is that the Glass’s cost range between $1,000 to $2,000 even for developers which means if you cannot entice developers there will be no software.  This could be held true for the Apple Watch that is coming out later in April.

Just because these companies make the devices does not mean people will run to purchase them.  Various other software products (Microsoft Bob, Vista, Windows 8), hardware such as the Next or Digital Alpha machines proves that if the price is not right the product will not sell.

Google to close Google Code open source project hosting

Google Code will officially stop existing. The open source project hosting service will no longer be accepting new project submissions as of today nor will no longer be accepting updates to existing projects from August 24, and will be closed entirely on January 25, 2016.   The company has moved their libphonenumber project which parses phone numbers from Google Code to GitHub.    If you do have projects on GC you can export them to GitHub, SourceForge or Bitbucket.

The biggest problem are the projects that are no longer being worked on or abandon by the original developers which is a common scenario for all open source project platforms—SourceForge, GitHub, Bitbucket, Microsoft’s CodePlex, Google Code, and every other, is that developers get bored, busy, or feel that a piece of code is as good as it’s ever going to be thus the project are no longer actively maintained.   What will happen to those projects I am assuming to the machine that eats bits and bytes.  Google says that it will allow tarballs of projects (including source code, issues lists, and wiki pages) to be downloaded through the end of 2016. After that, however, it seems that the projects will cease to exist.

Google indicated that the closure is due to spam and abuse which is part of the problem had come to dominate the workload of administering the service. When it was launched in 2006, there were fewer good project hosting options, but with services such as GitHub and Bitbucket now available, there’s no great need for Google to have its own solution.

This is why Baron Software does not recommend using GitHub or other FREE source banks because of this type of reason, when you cannot afford the bills you close the lights.  Some people will swear that GitHub is the end all but we at the lab feel that internal source banks are better for the company and the only reason to put valuable software into a free zone is because you plan to have it as public domain.

Embarcadero, GoDaddy SSL and trust issues

It has been noted that the discovery for the Embarcadero client web sites such as the quality portal and the EDN have older SSL certificates that for some reason were not automatically updated by the vendor GoDaddy. Now a SSL certificate is sold to a company that provides any private information encrypted so that outside folks cannot monitor the web site and gain vital information. That being said Embarcadero should have realized the issue prior to clients viewing it and posting it on blogs (such as this).

A major software vendor does not get caught with their pants down but Embarcadero has. They are a unique company that provides high class software development tools for all aspects but something simple as this which can be done by anyone at corporate headquarters while they are having a morning coffee is bizarre in my book.

I personally have notified numerous people to inform them because the image it portraits is weak and uncaring to the millions that access the web sites. I believe Microsoft or Adobe would never allow something like this to happen so why does Embarcadero allow it to?

The other person to blame in this is GoDaddy which is the web hosting vendor that use to display sexual ads during the super bowl but they are in the SSL market charging top dollar for the certificate. GoDaddy does not remind me of a serious contender in security especially when their ads were vulgar and down right dumb. I believe they should have notice that the encryption used by their certificates were outdated and should have been updated as soon as it was discovered.

What does this do for the poor client ? Not much can be trusted when you go to a web site where they indicate that the store padlock is open for anyone. Seriously with the amount of hackers out there why would no one at Embarcadero staff notice something as simple as this.

TMS Pack for FireMonkey v2.9 released with a new Spell check engine

TMS Pack for FireMonkey v2.9 released with a new Spell check engine & a major update of TTMSFMXRichEditor!
In this new version we’ve added a new TMS Spell Check engine and a major update of the TTMSFMXRichEditor.

What’s new & improved in v2.9:

  • New : TMS Spell Check engine for Windows and Mac OSX:
    • Supports ISPELL dictionaries and raw dictionary formats
    • Includes dictionaries for many languages including: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian
    • TMS Spell Check can directly interface to TTMSFMXRichEditor or it can be used standalone
    • Persists its dictionaries and ignore list in a database.
    • Can be used either in a synchronous way or an asynchronous way
    • Words can programmatically be added to the ignore list and dictionary
    • Comes with several predefined user interface controls:
    • TTMSFMXSpellCheckConfigDialog,
    • TTMSFMXSpellCheckLanguageSelectDialog,
    • TTMSFMXSpellCheckCorrectPanel,
    • TTMSFMXSpellCheckCorrectDialog,
    • TTMSFMXSpellCheckCorrectLinesPanel,
    • TTMSFMXSpellCheckCorrectLinesDialog
    • Support for Windows and Mac OS-X
    • Configurable single language spell check or multi-language spell check
    • TMS Spell Check for FireMonkey Developers Guide
  • New in TTMSFMXRichEditor:
    • Interface to spell check engine in TTMSFMXRichEditor
    • AutoCorrect in TTMSFMXRichEditor
    • TTMSFMXRichEditorMiniHTMLIO component included to read or write the contents of the TTMSFMXRichEditor in mini-HTML format
    • Emoticons support in TTMSFMXRichEditor
    • Support for BitmapContainer images in TTMSFMXRichEditor
    • AppendFile() method added in TTMSFMXRichEditor
  • Various smaller improvements & fixes

TMS Spell Check for FireMonkey with TMSFMXRichEditor on Windows:

TMS Spell Check for FireMonkey with TMSFMXRichEditor on Mac OS-X:


Follow latest developments at tmssoftware.com


Mitov Software releases the latest video – audio components for Delphi as well as other platforms

Mitov software has a huge library that consists of video components that you can insert into your application for the end user.

Viewing the latest seminar you can view it by clicking here.

The products or libraries are reasonably priced for a small or large software house.    View the video to see whether this fits into your development and let Mitov know you saw this on Baron Software.

Mitov Software provides you:

 Acquire and process digital signals (DSP)

 Develop powerful displays for complex signals
 Capture, analyze and transform audio & video
 Detect objects and track targets in video
 Build classifiers and AI applications
 Assemble gauges and meters for monitoring & control
 Visual logic decision making
 Timeline driven events & animation
Component libraries come in 3 versions a VCL – Firemonkey version (for Delphi / C++ Builder / RAD Studio XE4 to XE7), an MFC compatible Visual C++ version, and a .NET 2.0-4.5 version (compatible with Visual Studio 2005 to 2013).
The RAD Studio version is a set of native VCL and Firemonkey components.
The Visual C++ version is a set of native Visual C++ classes (components).
The .NET 2.0-4.5 version is a set of managed .NET components.  The .NET version has the same performance as the native versions, and supports all the Microsoft .NET languages including Visual Basic, C#, J# and C++/CLI.
Due to the unique architecture of the OpenWire platform, the components are implemented the same way in Managed .NET and native Windows (32 and 64 bit) environments. The code to control a component from VB.NET, C++/CLI, C#, and J#, Visual C++ MFC, Delphi, and C++ Builder is almost identical. This allows the developers to migrate and share code between the different environments thus significantly improving the productivity.
OpenWire Libraries: for fast, complex data stream processing with almost zero lines of code!

How to reset the phpBB admin password in the event you forgot nightmare.

To reset your phpBB Admin password, please follow these steps:

A)  Using your web hosting control panel or the every least you need to identify the MySQL database associated with your phpBB installation.

You have to locate the config.php usually located in the phpBB default folder that you originally installed the application.

Open the config.php with any text editor to review and locate the section that is set in red bold.  That information has the database username and password which allows you to gain access.

// phpBB auto-generated configuration file
// Do not change anything in this file!
$dbms = 'mysql';
$dbhost = 'localhost';
$dbport = '';
$dbname = 'database_name';
$dbuser = 'database_user';
$dbpasswd = 'database_password';

$table_prefix = 'phpbb_';
$acm_type = 'file';
$load_extensions = '';

@define(‘PHPBB_INSTALLED’, true);


B)  From your web hosting control panel start phpMyAdmin to reset the password.

1. Click the corresponding table that stores username and password information: phpbb_users or whatever you have as the table_prefix.
2. Click Browse located towards the top of your screen so that a list of users display.
3. Find the account of user that needs to be changed (eg. Administrator)
4. Click Edit
5. From the user_password row, click the Function drop-down menu and choose MD5
6. In the box to the right of MD5, replace the existing encrypted password with your new password in plain text
7. Click the GO button located towards the bottom of the page

That is all you have to do to reset the password.