Terminating an Application when using Delphi

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Sometimes there are reasons to terminate an application due to unforeseeable issues and there has been a lot of talk how to handle this event. Let's go over a simple application and break down what needs to be done. Go to the code The initial code opens up a splash screen, displays it and finally releases it after a few moments. Splashscreen.Show; Splashscreen.Update; Sleep(2000); Splashscreen.Free; Application.Initialize; The application defaults are set with the title and the help file as well as creating the data module along with the login screen. Application.DefaultFont.Name := 'Arial'; Application.MainFormOnTaskBar := True; Application.Title := 'Application Name'; Application.HelpFile := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName) + 'Help.CHM'; Application.CreateForm(TDM, DM); Application.CreateForm(TfrmLogin, frmLogin); The application at this point will open up the login screen allowing the user to enter their information. The license is…
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Google Chrome and slow websites.

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Google Chrome is preparing to inform the end user whether the website they are visiting is too slow. There are websites that hammer you with multiple ads. Google announced today a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly within Chrome. The intend to identify sites that are likely to be slow based on the user’s device and current network conditions as part of the scheme. Also there isn't a clear plan at the moment on how they will present a slow website. It could have a warning message upon your search or it could be a different color. This will be determined after experimenting with websites over the course of the next few months. This also brings up the point of Google clicks which generate revenue. Will Google look…
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Importance of Cyber security

Rad Studio Delphi Development
Data Security can no longer be a requirement of the IT Department. It is vital that the entire company that are within the network be on their utmost watch. Cyber security rules and staff must be in place as of today. Data Breaches Watching current events there has been reports where ransomware took over the data center. Freezing out the IT department by locking out the entire company from accessing data. Cyber security measures tend to stop malware from destroying property. Users need to be aware that a simple click on an attachment can release malware onto the network. Educating users on using safety first rules will help in protecting the environment. Steps on handling internal security Here are some steps on setting up cyber security within your environment: Check…
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