Fixinsight for Delphi 2016.03 released!


Fixinsight for Delphi 2016.03 released!

What’s New

  • Introduced rule W529 (“Should be ‘raise’ instead of ‘raise object’?”)
  • Rule O802 now works in entire project scope
  • Added buttons ‘Save as Default’ and ‘Load Defaults’ to FixInsight Settings window
  • Improved parser
  • Minor fixes

When working with software there will be software bugs that slow the process but if you find the bugs during the development stage it is clearly less overhead to fix them instead of when the software is released to the public.  The cost involved to fix a bug at the end of the project rises since the release has been held as well. The software was designed strictly for the Delphi platform helps the software developer to reduce the amount of bugs or chances of a bug by providing the developer a view of possible issues.

The static code analysis performed helps the developer in finding bugs early during the development process.  Developers are able to identify potential errors and oddities based on the various analysis that Fixinsight executes. Think of the software as a compiler extension that lets you instantly find issues in your code which you would spend hours debugging otherwise.  Using the Fixinsight analysis is done whenever the developer has decided to run the tests.  Fixinsight installation is simple and becomes part of the Delphi IDE.  In the IDE the developer clicks on the Fixinsight menu option and the various analysis provides the user an idea where a potential bug can be hidden during the development stage.

In addition to producing a list of warnings when issues are found, the tool also checks your code for coding convention compliance. You can find a full list of code patterns handled by FixInsight in documentation. You even can run the tests during your build cycle using the command-line tool, it has a whole set of options that will let you run analysis automatically.  Fixinsight does not bust the budget but instead enhances the company.

Please feel free to post any feedback or you can email/contact them on the web site.