What employers are looking for in a new hire.

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A resume has a person's history of previous held positions to the most current. After a resume is viewed the natural next step is for the employer to request the interview. During the interview a person has to tell the employer why they are the best choice. Just providing a technical background the employer is also looking for something discussed as a "soft skill" Are you able to work with current product line and provide support to customers ? Are you a team player or a lone wolf. a new study by ZipRecruiter suggests 93 percent of employers think soft skills play a “critical” role in the hiring decision. Some of the top skills that have been suggested: CommunicationCustomer serviceSchedulingTime managementProject managementAnalytical thinkingComplianceIndependent workInterpersonal skills Baron Software requires that employees present…
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Notes from the field

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In writing "Notes from the field" allows Baron Software to list quick fixes or observations from the programming world. Anchors away! Using PHP and HTML it can remember the window position as to where the user left off. Without the need of elaborate coding using an "Anchor" can solve the issue. Anchor Syntax <a id="anchor-name">The name where you want to jump</a> Anchors can be used when pages have considerable amounts of text. You would typically make an index at the top of the page linking to the anchors that have been added to key places in the text that follows. When displaying a list of records within a PHP while loop you can place the record ID within the data. The code listed below has the anchor next to the…
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Google Chrome and slow websites.

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Google Chrome is preparing to inform the end user whether the website they are visiting is too slow. There are websites that hammer you with multiple ads. Google announced today a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly within Chrome. The intend to identify sites that are likely to be slow based on the user’s device and current network conditions as part of the scheme. Also there isn't a clear plan at the moment on how they will present a slow website. It could have a warning message upon your search or it could be a different color. This will be determined after experimenting with websites over the course of the next few months. This also brings up the point of Google clicks which generate revenue. Will Google look…
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How not to conduct support and sales!

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During the summer months businesses tend to have smaller staffs due to vacations or working less hours to enjoy themselves. All businesses need to provide their staff with time off to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming projects. Hopefully this not how to conduct support and sales. That being said it is understandable that companies may not get back to you within a timely fashion. Support team that does not know. Our first story starts with a support call. There was an issue that led to a component not working correctly. The email went to the support team with the issue described. What came back from the support team was strange. Apparently the person who wrote the software component was on a two week vacation. So the support staff…
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Broadcom to buy CA Technologies for $18.9 billion

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California semiconductor maker Broadcom Inc. has agreed to acquire CA Technologies for about $18.9 billion in cash, the companies announced after Wednesday’s market close.  CA, a business software maker formerly known as Computer Associates, moved its headquarters to Manhattan in 2014 but still employs about 1,000 of its 11,000 workers at the site of its former headquarters in Islandia, Long Island New York. The company, co-founded by Charles Wang and Russell Artzt in New York City in the 1970s, was one of Long Island’s iconic corporations, an image tarnished by a $2.2 billion accounting scandal that led to a prison sentence for former chief executive Sanjay Kumar in 2006. Shares of CA closed Wednesday at $37.21, up 0.2 percent, but climbed about 16 percent in after-hours trading to $43.04. CA…
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