How to fix Remote Desktop “CredSSP encryption Oracle remediation” error when using Windows RDP

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How to fix Remote Desktop "CredSSP encryption Oracle remediation" error when using Windows RDP   Yes, it is a dangerous tool but only if you have a fully unsecured entry point or using poor passwords. The error recently happened preventing access to numerous servers from Windows 10 machines.    The Remote desktop would not connect and gave the following error listed below An Authentication error has occurred. The function requested is not supported. This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation Now this occurs within the organization and may not happen everywhere but the OS was Windows Professional 10 with all updates. The quick fix as it turns out is to add a single key to your workstation's registry by using the utility REGEDIT. When REGEDIT starts, click on…
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Apple ends OpenGL support and what does it mean ?

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Apple ends OpenGL support and what does it mean ? Apple has announced to software developers that they will deprecate OpenGL and OpenCL in Mojave and iOS 12.  The open standards of OpenGL allow to make cross-platform development easier.  Apple will be using Metal and wishes that all software developers turn to that. However, there is another cross-platform graphics and compute API, Vulkan, which some see as OpenGL's successor, that is up to the task. Apple has decided not to support that API for numerous reasons, not all of which will satisfy developers. OpenGL and OpenCL And this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Apple has only barely supported OpenGL of late, and Metal is clearly its priority. The company told developers at the conference that "existing and soon-to-be…
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