Mozilla Firefox v35.0 still has HUGE memory issues on a Windows machine which creates a resource drain.

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The recommendation for users to not to use the latest version of Firefox until they resolve the issues on memory which at times can exceed 2 gigabytes and could continue to grow during any session regardless of open tabbed windows. In the lab the decision was made just to start up Firefox and have the latest updates applied which at this stage is 35.0.1 and open any single browser session to any favorite web site. To conduct the similar test all you need to do is: Start a firefox session and open a single browser session to any web site. On a Windows 7 machine, click on start and enter taskmgr in the search text box. ┬áThis will start up a task manager session. ┬áTask Manager provides the end user…
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Vote for your favorite programming language at Code2014

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Vote for you favorite programming languages as well as viewing what others are up to for the year 2014, Click Here What does a programming language mean in today's market is vastly different than 10 years ago where in universities you were still learning how to design / develop with a compiler but after you review code2014, you will see that Javascript is a top contender for a language. With that being said, do you think a scripting language is similar to a programming language. The vote is up to you. Remember you can twitter #Code2014 and vote today!
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