How not to conduct support and sales!

During the summer months businesses tend to have smaller staffs due to vacations or working less hours to enjoy themselves. All businesses need to provide their staff with time off to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming projects. Hopefully this not how to conduct support and sales.

That being said it is understandable that companies may not get back to you within a timely fashion.

Support team that does not know.

Our first story starts with a support call. There was an issue that led to a component not working correctly. The email went to the support team with the issue described. What came back from the support team was strange. Apparently the person who wrote the software component was on a two week vacation. So the support staff could not provide any answers since they did not know about the product.

This does bring up a serious issue for a company regardless whether it is small or large. When a company has a single person in charge of the product think what would happen if they left for good. There was nobody who could step up and take over the product. That is not a sensible way to conduct business. All products must be supported by a team in the event a person leaves.

How not to conduct support and sales!

Silence sometimes is not golden

The second event that really is strange way to conduct business was the fact a software purchase was to be made. The company did not respond to the initial technical questions made in an event.

The product does have a trial version which was fully tested. The company offers a discount that is not on the web site but needs to be directly applied. The email was sent to sales and after four business days waiting for the discount it brings up questions. Whether the company supports their products or if the company is stable.

Staying competitive

Staying competitive in a global economy is necessary. Support needs to know their products. Companies need methods to increase sales by being responsive. Regardless of company size there are ways to correctly conduct yourself. Hopefully this does not happen within your company but instead it should be a warning.