More Coding in Delphi Book Review

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More Coding in Delphi Book Review Nick Hodges has released the latest additional to the Delphi world called "More Coding in Delphi".  The book is a pretty neat manual but more on the theory side then actual code.  There are samples in each chapter but this is not a typical technical manual that breaks down the syntax concerning Delphi.  The predecessor "Coding in Delphi" was very similar and could be considered part one that dives into object pascal aspects of Delphi. The Chapters are about 12 to 20 pages each and deals strongly in the object oriented Delphi or Object Pascal.  You can pick up both books together for a low cost at various web stores and they are a highly recommended book to pick up.  You can use the knowledge…
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Developers always looking to keep with the current market based on their skills.

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Software developers have always fought to keep up with the skills necessary to make themselves marketable.  A new survey has been created by IDC / Application Developers Alliance that provides the insight on the tools used as well as organizations.   As always a survey is conducted by taking a sample from people of where they are working.  So take it with a grain of salt because certain software tools are used in particular areas of the country. The survey, conducted by research firm IDC and commissioned by the Application Developers Alliance, drew responses from 850 developers—not a massive cross-section of the world developer population, which easily numbers in the millions, but certainly enough to bring certain trends to light. Here are some highlights from the study: Some 68 percent of…
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FixInsight for Rad Studio Delphi review

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The FixInsight software tool assists Delphi developers in finding possible coding defects that can affect the released product and this can be caught during the development process.   You can review the warnings as well as coding conventions that are part of the release.  Baron Software highly recommends the product for Delphi developers, we found that it is quick to point out various things we did not think about as well as potential issues.  You can view the product at FixInsight. The latest updated is available providing a few new rules and it was quick to install to allow work to continue.   The software is flexible for a few entries by simply opening FixInsight, right click on a option and you can modify what is allowed. It is simple to understand and…
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