FixInsight for Rad Studio Delphi review

The FixInsight software tool assists Delphi developers in finding possible coding defects that can affect the released product and this can be caught during the development process.   You can review the warnings as well as coding conventions that are part of the release.  Baron Software highly recommends the product for Delphi developers, we found that it is quick to point out various things we did not think about as well as potential issues.  You can view the product at FixInsight.

The latest updated is available providing a few new rules and it was quick to install to allow work to continue.   The software is flexible for a few entries by simply opening FixInsight, right click on a option and you can modify what is allowed.

It is simple to understand and use, some future enhancements should be some sort of quick help on the window as well as the latest version number.   The online documentation is fine but to be able to open it within Rad Studio would be better.  Overall a highly recommended software tool for Delphi Developers.


FixInsight 2015.08 released!

What’s New

  • * Support for {$INCLUDE } directives
    * Support for search path
    * Introduced rule W524 (“Generic interface declared with a GUID”)
    * Introduced rule W526 (“Pointer to a nested method”)
    * Improved rules W504, W521
    * Improved parser
    * Minor fixes

FixInsight has a support website. Please feel free to post any feedback at