Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your database (SQL)

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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your database (SQL)   Idera recently had a fantastic webinar that went over the creation of a disaster recovery plan concerning your databases.  This should be a high critical piece of work usually done by DBAs within a company.  Let's go over a simple set of plans that depending on the type of company you are dealing with, can be done either large or small. Backups.  All backups should be done with incremental or full backups of your database.  There should be a protected network folder that contains the incremental in one and the full backups (usually done once a week) in a separate folder.  An incremental is a backup that contains only a snapshot of transactions that are done during a day while…
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Code Analysis what does it do for your application ?

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Code Analysis what does it do for your application ? When developing an application you want to provide the best solution for your clients.  This means you need to evaluate current or possible future defects in your source code.  This is a reality during the development stage and is highly recommend that this is implemented in all cases. Necessary steps to do during the code analysis Identify potential errors and oddities. Identify from the produce warnings on why and how you can remove them. Check your code for coding convention compliance. Team code review. There are numerous packages that can be purchased to do simple to deep analysis.  Some packages are installed with the IDE you are using or are external but all have the similar need.  They have to…
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Embarcadero Webinar C++ latest features

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  <h1>Embarcadero Webinar - Useful C++ Features You Should be Using</h1> The Embarcadero webinar are usually excellent and short providing you insight on the latest features for C++ Builder.  Even if you do not use the product there is a possibility that you will pick up some new clue on how to use C++. David Millington knowledge on the product line is a breathe of fresh air and hopefully puts this compiler on a better path for getting updates or upgrades.  The future of the product will be for Linux server application development by the fall.  In comparison with Visual Studio, Rad Studio does cost money but the product is superior in usage and application development.  You can use Visual Studio Community which is free but it is at times confusing…
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FixInsight joins TMS Software!

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FixInsight joins TMS Software TMS is a company with main office in Belgium and offices in Brazil and Uruguay. The company TMS was founded in 1995 by Bruno Fierens to focus on the development of components for a Delphi IDE for all kinds of technical areas and now they have announced that they will include FixInsight into the TMS realm. FixInsight seamlessly integrates into your Delphi IDE and outputs its messages in the familiar Messages window. You can integrate FixInsight (Pro version only) with your build process using the command-line tool and have several options that will let you run analysis automatically during the build process. Baron Software have used FixInsight from the first version and the analysis that is performed on possible coding issues reduces the overall software support…
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Fixinsight for Delphi 2016.03 released!

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Fixinsight for Delphi 2016.03 released! What's New Introduced rule W529 ("Should be 'raise' instead of 'raise object'?") Rule O802 now works in entire project scope Added buttons 'Save as Default' and 'Load Defaults' to FixInsight Settings window Improved parser Minor fixes When working with software there will be software bugs that slow the process but if you find the bugs during the development stage it is clearly less overhead to fix them instead of when the software is released to the public.  The cost involved to fix a bug at the end of the project rises since the release has been held as well. The software was designed strictly for the Delphi platform helps the software developer to reduce the amount of bugs or chances of a bug by providing the…
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