More Coding in Delphi Book Review

More Coding in Delphi

More Coding in Delphi Book Review

Nick Hodges has released the latest additional to the Delphi world called “More Coding in Delphi”.  The book is a pretty neat manual but more on the theory side then actual code.  There are samples in each chapter but this is not a typical technical manual that breaks down the syntax concerning Delphi.  The predecessor “Coding in Delphi” was very similar and could be considered part one that dives into object pascal aspects of Delphi.

The Chapters are about 12 to 20 pages each and deals strongly in the object oriented Delphi or Object Pascal.  You can pick up both books together for a low cost at various web stores and they are a highly recommended book to pick up.  You can use the knowledge you gain when working with C# as well.

The writing is good and a reader can get this done in less then a day with about a little over 200 pages.  This will not go into the form designer, VCL, or the Firemonkey (FMX)  framework but you will pick up tips on:

* How to write stronger code using Delphi.
* Using Delphi with design patterns like the Factory, Observer, Adapter, Decorator, and Command Patterns.
* How to take advantage of Operator Overloading to simplify your code.
* How to write multi-threaded and parallel code and take advantage of the multiple cores in your CPU.
* How to write Aspect-oriented code to help separate your concerns.
* The history of and an deep-dive into the world famous TSmiley component.

Author Nick Hodges has been a part of the Delphi community from the very beginning working with various developers and I did have the pleasure of running into him in Baltimore during the Delphi Developers Day.  Nick has a good sense of humor and there are numerous videos you can watch on YouTube.