Google Chrome and slow websites.

Google Chrome is preparing to inform the end user whether the website they are visiting is too slow. There are websites that hammer you with multiple ads.

Google announced today a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly within Chrome. The intend to identify sites that are likely to be slow based on the user’s device and current network conditions as part of the scheme.

Also there isn’t a clear plan at the moment on how they will present a slow website. It could have a warning message upon your search or it could be a different color.

This will be determined after experimenting with websites over the course of the next few months. This also brings up the point of Google clicks which generate revenue. Will Google look the other way when it comes to them ? Will Google have a different set of rules for companies that pay them a huge amount of money ?

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Big Brother ?

Google just had their summit discussing the future development. Now this only pertains to Google Chrome but that means 70 percent of worldwide usage is a pretty solid number.

The key is whether Google will have the ability to enforce any type of restrictions when it comes to websites being displayed when using Chrome. You have to agree that loading websites on your smartphone can be painful at times.

Will Google stop Ads from loading on the smart devices but that will hurt business. These are some of the questions when a company has a huge market share.

Just something to think about.