Idera and Embarcadero separate target businesses

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  Idera and Embarcadero separate target businesses   Idera and Embarcadero have officially separated their businesses for software development Rad Studio that contains Delphi / C++ Builder and the Idera database tools.  This is a fantastic step in going forward and bringing both web sites with a fresh look on the future. Embarcadero will continue to enhance the Rad Studio product that comprises of Delphi / C++ Builder plus the various tool kits that would enhance the product line. Seattle is the latest version that provides the software developer to build applications for Windows, databases, mobile devices and much more. The Ultimate Application Development Platform for Windows 10, Mac, Mobile and IoT. Rapid Development Rich UI/UX Measure User Activity Build for Enterprise Internet of Things Embed Data Everywhere Idera will…
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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is coming to Linux

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is coming to Linux will provide the ability for users to have the features and additional security. Click the image for more information about SQL Server Microsoft will be releasing a version of their SQL Server 2016 for Linux which is a major step in the world domination plan.  With about 35 percent of the web servers in the world using Linux as their operating system this will open new revenue streams for Microsoft. As you can see from the grid below the percentages of SQL Servers within companies.  The area where MySQL rules is on the web server which puts both at about 35 percent each on market share.  If Microsoft begins the move towards Linux the development tools will be released shortly.  What this…
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