Windows 7 auto upgrade is happening



Upgrade from Windows 7 is possibly happening on your machine.

The latest news concerning a auto upgrade with your Windows 7 operating system on a machine regardless whether it is a notebook or desktop may fade into memory unless you take steps to prevent an automatic upgrade of your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine, it will happen even if you’re not around to approve it.

Our IT department witness it happen on a machine that is basically on most of the time, the update was filter from Microsoft and the upgrade began before anyone could stop it.  Is this big brother forcing users to go their way regardless they want to or not, could be.  There have been various reports of certain applications that have stopped working due to drivers that do not work under Windows 10 or other smaller applications.

This means you have to manually change the Windows Update settings so you don’t automatically get updates. Once you do that, you will need to check for and approve any updates to Windows before they’re installed. You do have the ability to pick which updates you want and which you don’t. But that means that you run the risk of missing what could be some critical updates if you forget to check.  Just a simple suggestion is to start reviewing what machines are left with the Windows 7 or even Windows 8 to prepare the company for the move over to Windows 10.  This is a precaution to watch that the company is not caught with an upgrade they do not want.

Baron Software has migrated most of their machines to Windows 10 Professional or regular depending on the license that was on the machine, any new machine it was decided to go with Windows 10 Professional.  That does not excuse Microsoft from forcing users to move from a safe and favorite platform instead it is an ugly attempt to enforce their rules.