Embarcadero Announces Strategy and Product future

Dedicated Developer Strategy

Embarcadero Announces Dedicated Business Developer Strategy and Product Future

With the web site refreshed it seems that Idera is starting to make the right moves on getting Delphi / C++ Builder back into the arena.  Rad Studio provides the highest level of mobile, database, web server, Windows application development all in one package.  The 2016 product roadmap also will be bringing the ability to create Linux applications on the server which is a step to go against the Microsoft Visual Studio product line.

At the moment there are over 3 million Delphi users through out the world and that is a fantastic step towards the product update that will be occurring soon.  You can also read additional information by clicking on the embarcadero emblem to view the feedback concerning the business end for Delphi.

Some of the options that Baron Software would like to see on the product would be:

  1. Enhance the EDN Network web site, refresh the entire look and feel.
  2. Enhance the license validation procedure, there are moments that developers need to bump up the license count due to issues or re-installations.
  3. Product pricing needs to be brought back a little.  At the moment the overall cost is somewhat high in comparison to Visual Studio and that is the market Delphi would like to grab.
  4. Additional developers meetings or events to bring Delphi developers together.  At the moment there are no live events which is a shame.
  5. Better communications between updates and releases.  At the moment news drags.
  6. Discounts for various software based on what a developer owns.  So the more you own the bigger the discount.
  7. Focus on the developer has to be the number one priority make them happy more product is sold.
  8. Get back into promoting the product.  People and business still think the language is dead when in fact the product has been so improved in the last few years.
  9. Quality has to improve.  The Seattle release was one of the strongest.
  10. Get the older Delphi users to update to the latest by a huge discount otherwise it is time to retire Delphi 7.

Idera in the span of two weeks has really gotten the engine moving and the future is as bright as ever.