Stopping a Delphi application from having too many instances.

Rad Studio Delphi Development
Every single developer wishes to have their client start up only a single instance of their application.   This reduces the amount of possible application issues if the code makes a database connection or does some sort of processing that takes away the machine resources.   The following code snippet will help Delphi programmers to keep the process count down to a single instance.  This was coded using Rad Studio XE8 Delphi and is used in many of my applications. The code will be embedded in the project's source because it has to occur prior to the application creating the main form. Click on the menu Project / View Source or using the project manager, you can right click and upon getting the pop-up, you can select view source as…
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Software Development planning or how not to have a project from Hell!

Software development Concepts
Recently I was given an assignment to develop an Android application and the agreement to the price was based on the client's budget which sometimes you get what you agreed to. What I would like to do with this posting is give young software developers guidelines on how to forge a better project and attitude towards completion for the client and the developer. This is based on recent past experience where the client either kept adding on, told that the development was not what they expected, graphics not cut correctly by the client and finally target dates missed. The following insights provide any developer with a check list making sure the project is ready to be designed, developed and finally released. Payment Payment, to judge the amount of time needed…
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Will Windows 10 Become a Subscription Model?

Software Events
When Windows 10 is released later this year, free upgrades will be available for Windows 7 and 8 users for one full year.  Now as we all know, the Microsoft machine is not here for charity and things will cost down the road.  Microsoft is hoping to take reliable Windows 7 machines and actually brand new Windows 8 machines thinking that if they give it away free for a year, people will move to the new OS.  As it is known any upgrade doesn't always work with the older technology from years in the past.  Happened with Vista upgrades or NT to XP which created a IT department nightmares forcing for budgets to include new machines with OS licenses. The story is the same as last time, Microsoft indicates a…
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