Will Windows 10 Become a Subscription Model?

When Windows 10 is released later this year, free upgrades will be available for Windows 7 and 8 users for one full year.  Now as we all know, the Microsoft machine is not here for charity and things will cost down the road.  Microsoft is hoping to take reliable Windows 7 machines and actually brand new Windows 8 machines thinking that if they give it away free for a year, people will move to the new OS.  As it is known any upgrade doesn’t always work with the older technology from years in the past.  Happened with Vista upgrades or NT to XP which created a IT department nightmares forcing for budgets to include new machines with OS licenses.

The story is the same as last time, Microsoft indicates a ‘do not worry’ program to make you think that it will be simple.  First you will have to download the upgrade and then sweat it out while a possible Window 10 blinks in front of you.  The lab recommends that if you are going to move to the Windows 10 operating system you should invest in a machine that will have a full install.  This allows you to continue to use your older model until you feel comfortable with the new OS.

Going back to the subscription model, like the Office 365, you purchase it for one year with all the free updates.  After that one year you will pay for a new license.  The lab has always purchased a Office Professional package and kept the updates for more than one year.  This is the mindset with Microsoft, if people were happy purchasing Office 365 every year why not a operating system.  You really didn’t think Bill Gates made his millions on his good looks did you ?