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<h1>Embarcadero Webinar – Useful C++ Features You Should be Using</h1>

The Embarcadero webinar are usually excellent and short providing you insight on the latest features for C++ Builder.  Even if you do not use the product there is a possibility that you will pick up some new clue on how to use C++.

David Millington knowledge on the product line is a breathe of fresh air and hopefully puts this compiler on a better path for getting updates or upgrades.  The future of the product will be for Linux server application development by the fall.  In comparison with Visual Studio, Rad Studio does cost money but the product is superior in usage and application development.  You can use Visual Studio Community which is free but it is at times confusing and very misleading on the development side.

The features you will view are from the Berlin release which is the latest in the future for the Embarcadero C++ Builder and Delphi.  Baron Software strongly recommends you to watch and see whether Berlin fits your application development team.  Each license can be renewed on a yearly basis but this provides you with any major upgrade done during the year which is very cost effective.

Learn about the latest features of C++11 that you can take advantage of today in C++Builder 10.1 Berlin.

David Millington, Embarcadero’s new C++Builder Product Manager, will show cool C++11 code in the IDE that can be compiled for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android using the Clang-enhanced compiler.

C++11 language features covered will include:

  • Auto typed variables
  • Variadic templates
  • Lambda expressions
  • Atomic operations

Unrestricted unions and more, Click here to register for the webinar