Mozilla Firefox v35.0 still has HUGE memory issues on a Windows machine which creates a resource drain.

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The recommendation for users to not to use the latest version of Firefox until they resolve the issues on memory which at times can exceed 2 gigabytes and could continue to grow during any session regardless of open tabbed windows. In the lab the decision was made just to start up Firefox and have the latest updates applied which at this stage is 35.0.1 and open any single browser session to any favorite web site. To conduct the similar test all you need to do is: Start a firefox session and open a single browser session to any web site. On a Windows 7 machine, click on start and enter taskmgr in the search text box.  This will start up a task manager session.  Task Manager provides the end user…
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Memories of Turbo Pascal

Rad Studio Delphi Development
Working with Turbo Pascal back in the early 80's was so much fun that a robust application for DOS could be generated and used by various folks.   The compiler was fast and the language was simple to learn.  The original package was a solid manual as well as the famous diskettes.  Once installed the world was open to generate a single executable that could be used on any DOS machine. At that time I was developing a package for OSHA using DBASE III which was another great product, simple to use and affordable database manager.  I needed to get a dynamic editor inserted so that the DBASE application could shell out to execute it and allow the end user to write documents which were stored in the DBASE database.  It…
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The Tomes of Delphi Algorithms and Data Structures by Julian Bucknall

Book Reviews, Rad Studio Delphi Development
The Tomes of Delphi Algorithms and Data Structures by Julian Bucknall has been revised and is currently selling on Bucknall is the chief technology officer at Devexpress which writes software for Delphi and Microsoft Visual Studio. It does seem that Devexpress is heavily moving towards the Visual Studio product line and will not put too much into the Delphi VCL product line. Their products are very well written but the cost to the development is extremely high where you can begin to spend about $900 for the low end or as high as $2200 for the yearly subscription. Their competition in the Delphi world is TMS Software and that is something Bucknall does not want to speak about since TMS is about 2/3 lower in cost and the components…
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Delphi Developers Day 2015 Meet Up

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During the Chicago Delphi Developer day on April 13th, Embarcadero is having their night time meeting to go over neat new devices as well as getting fed. Last time in Baltimore you were able to see various new techie toys like Google Glass, a brain scanner that could move devices by impulse and other stuff. If you are going to the Chicago event you can register at Register for Delphi Developers Day 2015 at
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Microsoft Windows 10 upcoming features

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At this writing things may change either losing some of these features or gaining a few more with the Microsoft Windows 10 preview release. As always Microsoft will show you a batch of nice features which could be in the final release or if they are truly buggy they will get dropped. Top features on Windows 10 1. The Desktop Houston, you have a desktop! Yes, Microsoft finally understood the vital mistake they made by throwing out the desktop which is why people did not drop XP, Vista or Windows 7 to jump to Windows 8. Win10 will fix that by giving the desktop the top priority. 2. The Start menu Windows 10 returns the Start menu to its rightful spot in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop. Windows…
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