Avatar Gaming PC looks to have disappeared. So what about the warranty?


Avatar Gaming PC company looks like they have gone under after a few years of selling some low budget machines for gaming folks. The product line were not the most solid but they gave the user a Windows 8 machine using AMD and NVIDIA components.   Some of the issues they always had were the CPU fan failing after a few months (cheap cool master) and the case was very thin.

The tech support guys were quick to answer and I would assume once the warranty is over (1 year) you are on your own. I would suggest to ask any vendor who still has the supply line to question whether the company is around or what type of warranty is there for a machine that the parent is gone.

The warranty from any computer firm like Newegg or Tiger Direct will support 30 to 90 days but then it goes back to the vendor and in this case the vendor has disappeared.  If you still want to purchase the machine you should get the extended warranty from Newegg or Tiger Direct otherwise you may have to pay it out of your pocket to fix any issues.