Code Analysis what does it do for your application ?

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Code Analysis what does it do for your application ? When developing an application you want to provide the best solution for your clients.  This means you need to evaluate current or possible future defects in your source code.  This is a reality during the development stage and is highly recommend that this is implemented in all cases. Necessary steps to do during the code analysis Identify potential errors and oddities. Identify from the produce warnings on why and how you can remove them. Check your code for coding convention compliance. Team code review. There are numerous packages that can be purchased to do simple to deep analysis.  Some packages are installed with the IDE you are using or are external but all have the similar need.  They have to…
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Halt and catch fire season 3

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Season 3 of Halt and Catch Fire The season finale of Halt and catch fire was shown last week for a solid 2 hours.  The entire show has gone from the personal computer start to about the 1990s with the advent of Windows 3. The series has had it's moments with characters that tend to be flaky but came up with inventive ideas that brought social up with ease on social interactions (Mutiny), personal computers that were built to take on the business world (Giant) and finally what IPOs can do to a person. Flawed Characters that know how to party! The characters have grown but in reality some of them would have been in prison for the shady dealings such as "Joe", a person who destroyed the personal computer that…
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Look ahead with Embarcadero and Delphi

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Look ahead with Embarcadero and Delphi Embarcadero is hosting a webinar for customers that are on update subscriptions only concerning the next update as well as the anticipated release of Godzilla which will contain the ability to build Linux server applications with a single code base.   Finally Embarcadero is heading in the right direction by giving a privileged webinar for yearly paying customers.  The webinar will discuss the next update release for Berlin which is release update 2.  The biggest piece is about Godzilla which a lot of developers have been wanting for the past few years. What Berlin Update 2 have ? Windows Desktop Bridge Integration Windows 10 VCL Calendar Control “Quick Edits” IDE enhancement C++ Refactoring and Compiler flags Enhanced - Latest Platform Support Enhanced - VCL and FMX Styles…
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Using Elevate Web Builder Book Review

Book Reviews
Using Elevate Web Builder Book Review 2nd edition by Erick Engelke Erick Engelke has written the first ever book about using the Elevate Web Builder product from Elevate Software. What is Elevate Web Builder ? Elevate Web Builder is a visual rapid application development environment for web applications. It is simple and easy to create beautiful web applications by simply dragging and dropping components on to forms, and then changing their appearance and behaviors as desired.  EWB is written with Delphi Pascal as the driving force allowing software developers to quickly build a web based application using a great software language. Elevate Web Builder Book or on-line manual ? The book simply provides code samples along with a description for the section from using PHP, JavaScript, JSON, etc.  It is a…
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Rave Reports for Delphi Business Review

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Rave Reports for Delphi Business Review Recently the decision was made to review Rave Reports by Nevrona to make a decision whether it would fit any type of long term application development.  The process took a little time to review the capabilities of what Rave Reports could do for any end user when compared to other report generators such as Fast Reports, Quick Reports or Report Builder. The final decision was to stay with Fast Reports due to the reasons listed below.  Rave Report does have some merit on why they could be your solution but after a very careful review it fell behind in quite a few necessary things.  These can be fixed but the current setting it seems that Nevrona will not implement any of them. Reasons for not using…
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