Look ahead with Embarcadero and Delphi

Look ahead with Delphi

Look ahead with Embarcadero and Delphi

Embarcadero is hosting a webinar for customers that are on update subscriptions only concerning the next update as well as the anticipated release of Godzilla which will contain the ability to build Linux server applications with a single code base.


Finally Embarcadero is heading in the right direction by giving a privileged webinar for yearly paying customers.  The webinar will discuss the next update release for Berlin which is release update 2.  The biggest piece is about Godzilla which a lot of developers have been wanting for the past few years.

What Berlin Update 2 have ?

  • Windows Desktop Bridge Integration
  • Windows 10 VCL Calendar Control
  • “Quick Edits” IDE enhancement
  • C++ Refactoring and Compiler flags
  • Enhanced – Latest Platform Support
  • Enhanced – VCL and FMX Styles

What can I do with Rad Studio ?


Rad Studio Professional / Enterprise highlights

  • Windows 32 – 64 bit applications
  • iOS or Mac applications
  • Android applications
  • Soon Linux server applications
  • All from one code base

What that means is that you write once and compile once for all different platforms.  And to boot this is a RAD product so all you do is drag and drop a component involving next to nothing coding if you wanted.

The coming of Godzilla

“Currently more Rockhopper than Emperor, RAD Studio’s Linux support is progressing nicely in the labs. While this incubates we want to give you a sneak peek at project Godzilla and show you how to build Linux applications from the RAD Studio IDE, deploy them to the Linux platform, and debug them remotely.”

The price for the product is available from http:\\www.embarcadero.com and there are always discounts.  Yearly subscription provides the developer products updates and major upgrades for one cost and there is really no funny or hidden costs,  also free software components are available as well.

The webinar is for yearly subscription customers and your registered email will receive the invitation.  Embarcadero is grabbing back some of the market from Microsoft in the recent past few years.  With the Idera backing the company did split out the database and application tools along with additional funding.  Delphi’s future looks extremely bright for Delphi with the advent of enhancements that are being announced.