1337 Institute of Technology on-line courses Review

Udemy on-line courses beat the competition.

After taking a recent Excel certification course using 1337 Institute of Technology there was a lot left to be desired. It seems that the course instructor are descent but the overall experience on watching and learning from the course on-line leave so much to be desired.  The display is weak thus giving a terrible session when attempting to learn new software or gain knowledge on a subject.  The sound is mediocre and just the mobility between lessons is extremely slow.  There were numerous times you have to re-log into the session if you did not respond to it in minutes when in fact it should remain open for at least 30 minutes before forcing a logout.

Even if you were to go full screen it was blurry, weak and the sessions tended to be long for no reason. Currently the Excel Certification session 427 and 428, is strong up to a point but it is way too redundant on the subject. The instructor does not provide any lesson material that a user can download to use along with the session which is very weak.

The cost involved was very low but Udemy offers the similar courses at maybe a few dollars above or it could be cheaper when the sales occur.  Udemy tends just to have a enjoyable professional user interaction.  Questions and answers as well as course material are either provided at the moment or during the updates that the instructors do.

Baron Software strongly recommends using Udemy for any type on-line training that a person may want to either brush up on skills or just to learn something new.  Instructors tend to provide better course material and the overall experience is highly professional.  The recommendation is to stay away form 1337 Institute of Technology.