Embarcadero, GoDaddy SSL and trust issues

It has been noted that the discovery for the Embarcadero client web sites such as the quality portal and the EDN have older SSL certificates that for some reason were not automatically updated by the vendor GoDaddy. Now a SSL certificate is sold to a company that provides any private information encrypted so that outside folks cannot monitor the web site and gain vital information. That being said Embarcadero should have realized the issue prior to clients viewing it and posting it on blogs (such as this).

A major software vendor does not get caught with their pants down but Embarcadero has. They are a unique company that provides high class software development tools for all aspects but something simple as this which can be done by anyone at corporate headquarters while they are having a morning coffee is bizarre in my book.

I personally have notified numerous people to inform them because the image it portraits is weak and uncaring to the millions that access the web sites. I believe Microsoft or Adobe would never allow something like this to happen so why does Embarcadero allow it to?

The other person to blame in this is GoDaddy which is the web hosting vendor that use to display sexual ads during the super bowl but they are in the SSL market charging top dollar for the certificate. GoDaddy does not remind me of a serious contender in security especially when their ads were vulgar and down right dumb. I believe they should have notice that the encryption used by their certificates were outdated and should have been updated as soon as it was discovered.

What does this do for the poor client ? Not much can be trusted when you go to a web site where they indicate that the store padlock is open for anyone. Seriously with the amount of hackers out there why would no one at Embarcadero staff notice something as simple as this.