Meet FMS President Luke Chung

Software development Concepts, Software Events
Meet FMS President Luke Chung Since FMS started in 1986 they have assisted countless individuals and organizations make better data driven decisions. As database experts, FMS help our clients improve accuracy, efficiency, and costs. FMS give managers better control of their processes, provide data to key decision makers, and help developers add features and gain insight into their applications. Collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in ways that empower individuals is what they provide. Having used their tools for various Microsoft Access Projects and applications Baron Software highly recommends visiting the FMS web site as well as stopping at this event to listen to Mr. Chung. Meet FMS President Luke Chung at the Microsoft Access User Group Meeting in New York City September 11, 2017, 6:30 PM Microsoft Headquarters, New York…
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How to fix setup errors with SAP Crystal Reports 2016

Software development Concepts, Software Releases
How to fix setup errors with SAP Crystal Reports 2016 It is always a small burden to install or execute the SAP Crystal Reports 2016 updates or service packs on a Windows 10 machine.  Things that just drive you crazy to put in a simple update or patch throws you off the track in so many minor ways. Using Crystal Reports 2016 with Visual Studio is a robust reporting tool that you can access information from your SQL database or even Microsoft Access.  You can also purchase the standalone tool allowing you to build custom reports that you can load into the Crystal Server for multiple users to gain reporting. A few fixes for updating Some of the minor "dumb" things that can be fixed in seconds to complete your…
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A simple approach to software development

Rad Studio Delphi Development, Software development Concepts
A simple approach to software development Setting up your software development for a new application there are quite a few set of software developers that tend to jump on their machine and begin coding.  I would strongly suggest that an application which could be successful needs to start from thought to paper (even electronic) before any new code is typed. Now as some suggest creating designs or layouts are the best method for them and sometimes that does make sense.  Creating a sketch board  or laying out the screen design is a simple way to visually see what you want to achieve. Here are the steps that you can use when you are preparing to create a new application. Sitting at a table or desk Using white boards do help…
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Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3 Released

Microsoft Development, Software Events
Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3 Released For Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3, Microsoft focused on improving accessibility, particularly using Visual Studio with the most popular screen readers. Microsoft made over 1,700 improvements but if you are using Visual Studio 2017 in a low-vision or no-vision mode, a lot has improved. Couple of the more major things Microsoft improved. Debugging is much more accessible. Debugger windows like the Call Stack, Locals, Autos, and Watch windows were inaccessible to screen readers. That’s now fixed. The VS editor’s text adornments let developers know about features available at particular points on a line of code, such as breakpoints, lightbulbs, and error and warning “squiggles.” Customers can now discover and navigate between these adornments via the new “Show Line Annotations” command set, which you can…
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New WinDbg debugger available in preview!

Microsoft Development
New Microsoft debugger WinDbg available in preview! Debugging Tools for Windows Microsoft is excited to announce a preview version of a brand new WinDbg a Windows debugger.  WinDbg has more modern visuals, faster windows, a full-fledged scripting experience, built with the easily extensible debugger data model front and center. Things to know Installation - You can install the WinDbg Preview from the store if you have Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer at - WinDbg Preview uses some features from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so that’s required for now. Feedback - Familiarize yourself a bit with the Feedback Hub!  Microsoft will be using the Feedback Hub to help prioritize what you want Microsoft to work on! The Windows Insider website has a great overview on how to give good feedback - Once you've read that, just hit the 'Feedback Hub' button…
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