Embarcadero and Baron Software Powerstudio case study which monitors SQL Performance

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Embarcadero and Baron Software has issued a case study that demonstrates the benefits of using Microsoft SQL Powerstudio product line.  Powerstudio is a robust package that monitors SQL performance and can provide assistance for clients to update or create tables, stored procedures, etc. for various SQL servers some being Oracle, Microsoft SQL and many more.  The detailed report can be view by clicking here.  
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New Year wish for Idera and the Rad Studio.

Rad Studio Delphi Development, Software development Concepts, Software Events
With 2016 now in full force the expectations for Idera to start getting aggressive for Embarcadero product line.   It has been highly speculate what is currently happening but this is without any written notice from Idera.  This opens nothing but hearsay or smoking guns on the demise of Delphi which is further from the truth.  Delphi is alive and doing very well all over the world, you may not hear many developers speaking about Object Pascal but there is a underlining amount of developers using either the Delphi or Free Pascal compilers. These developers are designing applications for various operating systems and devices, you just do not hear anyone parading these accomplishments.  This is largely due to the developer who does not think it is cool to work with…
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Embacadero releases DB PowerStudio® 2016

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Embarcadero has released DB PowerStudio 2016 during the DataU Webinar 2 day conference.   Product installation is simple and quick.  The new features that provide DBAs the ability of checking SQL Server performance by using the add-on Performance IQ. Only Rapid SQL and DBArtisan 2016 have been released, not sure what the status is on DB Change Manager and DB Optimizer since they were not part of this release.    The packages are getting more robust but the add-on cost is big for smaller firms.   Key Enhancements for DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016 Deep performance integrations into DBArtisan & Rapid SQL Significant SQL IDE enhancements to detect poor SQL performance Cardinality problems Data skew issues Substandard SQL syntax Inefficient index usage & index suggestions Full alerting package (+blackouts &…
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