Embacadero releases DB PowerStudio® 2016

Embarcadero has released DB PowerStudio 2016 during the DataU Webinar 2 day conference.   Product installation is simple and quick.  The new features that provide DBAs the ability of checking SQL Server performance by using the add-on Performance IQ.

Only Rapid SQL and DBArtisan 2016 have been released, not sure what the status is on DB Change Manager and DB Optimizer since they were not part of this release.    The packages are getting more robust but the add-on cost is big for smaller firms.


  • Key Enhancements for DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016
    • Deep performance integrations into DBArtisan & Rapid SQL
    • Significant SQL IDE enhancements to detect poor SQL performance
      • Cardinality problems
      • Data skew issues
      • Substandard SQL syntax
      • Inefficient index usage & index suggestions
      • Full alerting package (+blackouts & non monitoring)
  • Performance IQ (Available as a paid add-on for DBArtisan 2016 & Rapid SQL 2106)
    • Embedded Performance Metrics & Analytics
      • Embedded performance metrics & analytics across DBArtisan to provide deeper database insights
      • Understand the top SQL statements impacting IO, table and index growth history
    • SQL Analytics
      • SQL editor shows you how SQL has performed over time in its various revisions
      • Why performance variances are occurring
      • New indexes are suggested should SQL performance benefit from such additions
    • 24/7 Wait-based Monitoring & Alerting
      • 24/7 wait-based observations to help you proactively manage your database environment
      • Time travel to allow you to rapidly travel back in time to dissect issues as they occurred
      • Baselines to more fully understand deviations from the normal trends
      • User configurable alerting so there are no surprises
    • DB Change Manager and DB Optimizer 2016 continues to be supported and sustain currency