SNES Classic Pre-Orders Sell-Out Overnight

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Sell-Out Overnight, More Expected Today

Amazon, Walmart Sold-Out, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy soon


Nintendo’s official page for its upcoming Super NES Classic Edition retro console now lists a half-dozen stores where customers can pre-order the console. But at least two of those stores appear to have already sold out of their initial stock.  The pre-orders went live with Amazon and Best Buy’s selling out in less than 30 minutes.

The remaining stores  – GameStop, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us – have yet to list their pre-orders. So if you’re looking to grab one of these likely hard-to-find consoles, it’s probably a good idea to start camping those online stores right now. We’ll update this post when we see the pre-orders go live on the sites, so feel free to camp out here as well.

The SNES Classic Edition ships Sept. 29. The system is pre-loaded with 21 games and will cost $79.99. It ships with two wired controllers, an HDMI cable, USB charging cable and AC adapter. Among the many classic titles included is one that has never been released before: Star Fox 2.

SNES Classic Edition

The SNES Classic Edition retro console that goes on sale later this year will include a rewind feature. The rewind feature will allow players to rewind their gameplay to retry sections, pick up missed items or just run through an area again to see if they missed anything, according to the company.

The rewind time depends on the kind of game: Players can go back a few minutes in role-playing games such as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, while action titles such as Super Mario World offer around 40 seconds, ideal for re-trying short segments of gameplay. The system also comes with optional frames that can be wrapped around the on-screen display for each game.

Major issue at the moment is the wait time to September 29th.  Pre-orders haven’t gone live yet so there may be the similar type of lines to purchase the console.

The official Nintendo page for the Super NES Classic Edition no longer lists stores where the console is available for pre-order. It looks like that may have gone live a bit too early today. Stay-tuned for more updates.