Purchase a Western Digitial My Cloud NAS Server

The WD 8 TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS Server is a fantastic device to place in your work or home environment. Once connected a user can access the device from all of the internal machines within the office. They can also access the NAS server from the outside world using a dedicated IP address.

WD EX2 Ultra options

  • Centralized network storage and access from Anywhere with computers or Mobile devices
  • High Performance 1.3 GHz dual core processor and 1GB memory for seamless media streaming and Ultra fast file transfers
  • Milestone Arcus Surveillance Software with unLimited Camera licenses
  • Multiple RAID configurations and automatic backup Options to help guard important data
  • Automatic file synching across all Your computers for up to date access from Anywhere
  • Volume encryption and password Protection for Enhanced data security
  • Supported Browsers:Internet Explorer 10 or higher,Safari 6 or higher,Firefox 30 or higher,Google Chrome 31 or higher on supported Windows and Mac OS platforms

The device can come with 2 drives for mirroring. You can purchase from no drives or up to 20 TB Drives.


You can organize your media collection in a single place on this high-performance NAS solution, and access it securely from anywhere. The ultra-fast transfer speeds are for smooth HD streaming. You can sync content across computers, easily share files and folders, and enjoy multiple backup options.


It takes no more than 20 minutes to set up the device.

Locate a power source for the adapter, connect the network cable into the router and it is ready.

You do have to create a MYCLOUD account and prepare the separate users on the device along with the folders.

You can map the device on a Windows by mapping with the IP address. On a Mac you can go into FINDER locate the device and it is ready.

The longest period of time is copying files onto the NAS Server from the older USB HD devices.


This is a great tool reducing the amount of portable USB hard drive devices to a centralized network device that is visible on the network. The cost of the device is based on the size you wish to have so it could be between $160 to $1,000 it is based on your choice.

A centralized drive that can share documents without a need for a server. Cost factors are at a minimal.