Google Chrome Browser to Start Blocking Certain Web Advertising

Google Chrome Browser to Start Blocking Certain Web Advertising

All Google Chrome Browser users starting on February 15, 2018, your Chrome browser will start blocking ads that don’t meet the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads. The idea is to improve the browsing experience of web users by getting rid of the worst of the annoyances that they generally object to.

These annoyances include ads that provide auto-playing video with audio, ads that block the site you’re trying to reach and ads that cover large areas of the screen.  I am not sure how this will handle something like that is famous for putting up some of the worst possible ads.  Even if you hover over the ad it sometimes will automatically start.

Remember that CNN as well as the other web sites tend to pay companies to get their web sites in the top positions so what will happen, no one knows at the moment.

There are additional ad types being blocked on mobile devices where users have less screen and less control over the experience. By doing this Google is hoping to bring about a less aggressive advertising environment, and one where people won’t mind seeing advertising.

But Google is also doing itself and other advertisers a long-term favor. But discouraging the worst of the ads, Google also may make it less likely for people to start using software that blocks all ads. Ad blocking software is being used by a growing number of web users who get tired of the excesses of some advertisers. Considering that Google sells an enormous number of ads on the internet through its AdSense and DoubleClick ad networks, ad blockers are a problem.

Hopefully things will get better in the long run.