Learning iBeacon Review by Craig Gilchrist Packt Publishing.

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  Learning iBeacon which was written by Craig Gilchrist is a solid technical manual that provides Objective-C / iOS source code that demonstrates various methods to interface with a iBeacon.  Now for folks that do not know what an iBeacon is, they are a small electronic that transmits a signal for an application that is attempting to locate the proximity of a person to where they currently are. Shown below, the iBeacon is no bigger then a quarter and can be placed anywhere within your store or location to send out a beacon to inform the user which area they are in.  Now the signal is just that, a signal your application does everything else.  So if I walk into a store and step by the shoe department, using the…
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Android SQLite Essentials Book Review

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  I recently had the pleasure of reading Android SQLite Essentials by Vikash Kumar Karn / Sunny Kumar Aditya. The book details about using SQLite with your android and some tips about accessing the database from multiple applets on your android device. The book is rather small about a little over 90 pages which I do not understand how Amazon comes up with 127 pages unless they are counting certain sections twice.  The chapters are simple concepts that anyone can understand and within an hour you can have a pretty good idea on what to expect as well as how to use SQLite. The chapters are listed below, you can complete the book within an hour and get developing.   The source code is available from their web site and…
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The Tomes of Delphi Algorithms and Data Structures by Julian Bucknall

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The Tomes of Delphi Algorithms and Data Structures by Julian Bucknall has been revised and is currently selling on lulu.com. Bucknall is the chief technology officer at Devexpress which writes software for Delphi and Microsoft Visual Studio. It does seem that Devexpress is heavily moving towards the Visual Studio product line and will not put too much into the Delphi VCL product line. Their products are very well written but the cost to the development is extremely high where you can begin to spend about $900 for the low end or as high as $2200 for the yearly subscription. Their competition in the Delphi world is TMS Software and that is something Bucknall does not want to speak about since TMS is about 2/3 lower in cost and the components…
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