Android SQLite Essentials Book Review

SQLite Essentials


I recently had the pleasure of reading Android SQLite Essentials by Vikash Kumar Karn / Sunny Kumar Aditya. The book details about using SQLite with your android and some tips about accessing the database from multiple applets on your android device. The book is rather small about a little over 90 pages which I do not understand how Amazon comes up with 127 pages unless they are counting certain sections twice.  The chapters are simple concepts that anyone can understand and within an hour you can have a pretty good idea on what to expect as well as how to use SQLite.

The chapters are listed below, you can complete the book within an hour and get developing.   The source code is available from their web site and as always the publisher PACKT does a nice job putting the book together.

Chapter 1 – Enter SQLite provides the reader the ability of knowing what SQLite can do for your Android device as well as the simple steps on maintaining and overall usage.
Chapter 2 – Connecting the dots provides the reader with the simple mechanics of allowing the developer to write the necessary routines for the client to maintain their database. Simple Edit / Delete / Update / Insert instructions are discussed.
Chapter 3 – Sharing is caring discusses the important concept of content provider so that other applets on the device can retrieve the centralized data.
Chapter 4 – Thread carefully wraps up the book talking about loaders and something we tend to forget, security.

Overall the cost is low about $20 on Amazon, it is a simple quick read that provides an understanding about SQLite but is not in depth,  if you are looking for that I would suggest Using SQLite by Jay A. Kreibich which does go over the syntax and design using the SQLite database for your applications.  Still I do recommend that you give the book a try.