Apple OS X El Capitan is being released today.

Starting on September 30th, everybody will be able to install Apple’s latest OS X update, El Capitan, on their Macs. It’ll be free, and given that Apple claims its predecessor had “the fastest adoption ever” of any PC OS, it’ll be popular too. El Capitan is the small one in Apple’s big-then-small OS update cadence, which means that we have just a few core changes, a bunch of app updates, and a healthy pile of bug fixes.

Major updates:

  1. Start-up will be faster.
  2. Split View which automatically will fill the screen with another application.
  3. Mission control has been vastly improved.  Windows will be in a single layer, no stacking and set up relative to each other.
  4. Spotlight is improved to quickly gather weather, stocks, sports faster.
  5. File searching is smoother and easier to quickly find files.
  6. Mail is improved for touch screens and brings up full screens for better mobility
  7. Notes can handle images and checklists putting the nice touch on the document.
  8. Photos increased performance and better management.
  9. Safari, improved with pin sites to allow quick access to your favorite web sites, manage web sites that have sounds to quickly mute them.
  10. Language support.

Best of all it is free to all OS X users.  As always you need to check if your current Mac can support the OS before you install it but by tomorrow most Mac users will be using El Captain.

Read the details on Apple Web Site