ZDNet predicts will 2018 see the death of printers and email in the workplace?

ZDNet predicts will 2018 see the death of printers and email in the workplace?

Well as it is expected to come the latest predictions are coming out of the wood work.  ZDNet has predicted that the end of email and the printer in the work place is a thing that will occur within the near future.  Baron Software predicts that neither will be gone at least for another 10 to 15 years.  This theory is solely based on government agencies that still have to provide letters as well as documents for the people.

Sure people can open PDFs on their terminals for review a document but still the old hard copy has to be provided during internal meetings, letters, manuals, etc.  People tend to use their smart devices a lot more to reduce the amount of reading and with each generation it does change.

Older or Younger time to deal with it.

The older workforce still have to review printed documents for the most part as well as they are still the sole folks that purchase newspapers and books.

ZDNet does use the 2017-2018 State of Enterprise Work Report to provide the intelligence to back the issue that productivity drops when a worker needs to review their emails coming from various people which could take up a solid amount of time.  This argument has gone on for the past 5 years and a company actually needs to understand how to make emails work for them by simply laying ground work on reducing the static generated by various parties.  As you may know multiple people within a email trail will place comments extending the email’s life cycle.  If the company was taught correctly that the initial email should not request comments or thoughts but instead do it within a meeting.  From there delegate the person who will be heading the group for that particular project.

The minute the original email opens up a conversation on thoughts or ideas, this can create numerous waste of time types of emails with no thought pattern or just complaining.

Final thoughts or should i send you an email ?

Within the organizations or corporate world there are groups that tend to do things for political reasons for additional power or to enforce the demise of a leader.  The company should teach employees how to reduce the amount of unnecessary emails as well as printing out pages for no reason.  Keep it simple and productivity will increase.

There could be books written on this type of subject but would it be done electronically ?